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Friday, January 26, 2007

Big News

I thought I would start this blog so that family and friends near and far could check in on us through out the pregnancy. PLEASE feel free to leave comments and advice, as any would be greatly appreciated!

And so goes the story:

I had been feeling sick all through out the Christmas season, even having to leave family events early. Just not feeling right, I could not really put my finger on it but something was off. Shane immediatly knew I was pregnant and kept calling me Mom and making me mad. I just did not think I was pregnant! Well finally after a few really bad days I decided it was time for the at home test. I have had trouble reading these little things in the past so I got the one with the actual words "Pregnant" and "Not Pregnant" so there would be no mistakes. The words "Pregnant" came up very quickly, this was December 28th.

Shane and I are not good at keeping secrets, so we told a few people. Then I called and got my first appointment scheduled for January 25th- such a long time at that point! Things were going ok, still sick to my stomach and all the normal early pregnancy symptoms nothing strange. Just the waiting, and waiting, and waiting of the first official appointment!!

The day finally came and we were a little sad because we were told we would not be getting an ultrasound at the first appointment, well after not being able to detirmine my actual time of conception they said "Let's do and ultrasound" and we were very happy! It was so amazing seeing the little baby on the screen, moving and wiggling. And the heartbeat, wow. You could actually see it beat on the screen, he sure was excited to see us!! The feeling was quite mutual! I am officially 10 weeks along, and due August 25th.

As you can see we have already started saying him, "it" just does not seem right. Now we understand we could be so wrong so with that said we will not be disappointed if it is a girl but for now we are going with a boy!!

Shane and I went out to lunch after the appointment and we just looked at each other and said "What do we do now?" I know there is so much to be done, but where do you start!? So that is my question, what now?


Carolyn Mallory said...

You just opened such a can of worms, asking people to post comments, advice, etc.

Since I have never experienced this, my advice SHOULD be kept at a minimum. Just enjoy this time with Shane and the baby; if the "advice" gets too much, tell everyone that you need some private time.

Stay happy and healthy, and remember, no matter how much you plan, it's never enough-so don't stress about it. Sit back and enjoy one of the most beautiful, remarkable things God gives us!

I'm so happy for you both, and you will do great! What a lucky child!

Becky Grider said...

TAKE A VACATION....or what is called a babymoon!! The last trip for just the two of you before baby comes!

LauraB said...

My advice would be- you're going to get alot of advice whether you want it or not!

I agree with Becky- take a babymoon or two- our is in two weeks!

Also don't freak out about getting things done/ have alot more time than you think you do!

That's about all I have to say :) Laura

Tupper said...

Well I guess you dont need any of my sperm ,although, the offer is still on the table for the future . So you can sleep easy tonight!! Well I guess I begin the handbook we had discussed in one of our previous talks. It will contain all the information one needs to properly raise on baby Z !!!!! As far as everyone else's comments ,advice,tips,etc... ,although very much appreciated. They will no longer be needed. I will keep everyone informed on how things are going on my end! I've got this under control . Yours truely uncle Tupper

Shane aka Baby daddy said...
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