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Monday, January 29, 2007

Food & Cravings?!

I have to know, did anyone out there really eat pickles and ice cream?

Now normally I do like pickles but really only when I eat a burger or deli sandwich (which I am told I should not be eating now) but the other night I was feeling a little hungry and wanted a snack, so I decided on a pickle straight out of the jar. I also wanted to test this rumor about pregnancy and pickles. I now understand, I don't know what it is about the pickles but I proceeded to eat 4 of them! Now this is really only one pickle (they were spears) but it was 4 different trips to the fridge getting a pickle. I think I like the crunch and the tanginess. I found this strange and satisfying all at the same time. So as I was enjoying my pickles I started thinking about eating them with ice cream- just so you know it did not sound good at all. I then started thinking about if I had to eat them with ice cream what kind would it be? I decided that it would be a Chocolate Coffee flavor, my reasoning behind this is that I enjoy Chocolate ice cream but the coffee flavor would maybe be so strong that it would cover up the pickle flavor and I could pretend that the pickles were actually chocolate chips.

Now I used to be a cheeseburger connoisseur but now it seems that the baby is not a fan. I got the cheeseburger at O'Charley's the other day and only could eat two bites of it because it was a huge pile of grease. Then we went to Cheeseburger in Paradise yesterday and I normally love the Not Too Particular Not Too Pressed burger (burger with Velveeta, pickles, and mayo on toasted bread, then grilled) but that did not sound good at all- yet I wanted to try this cheeseburger thing again. I decided on a salad with grilled steak, which was wonderful, and then I ordered some mini cheeseburgers to split with my lovely sister in law- the verdict is that I should NOT eat cheeseburgers. I just can't be stubborn and keep ordering them!!

Also I have noticed that I keep choosing healthy options, that is when I feel like eating. Fruits and veggies have always been a favorite but now those are my cravings, which is good. I think that your body has a way of letting you know what you need during these months, the hard part is listening.

I had a friend who when she was pregnant had a few break downs over her food when she ordered at fast food joints, I myself admit that I have had an emotional food breakdown...I cried because Shane did not make my hash browns properly. It was a bad day what can I say.

My question to all of you mothers- What did you crave?

My question to everyone- If you had to eat pickles and ice cream what flavor would the ice cream be?!


Sherry said...

I would eat it with straight vanilla because I really enjoy vanilla. I think the sweet ice cream with the tangy pickle might be suprisingly tasty. Not going to try it tonight or anything.

Anonymous said...

Neither, I think this is a stupid idea and no one should ever eat pickles and ice cream together. YUK.

Do you not have anything better to do at work????

Beth said...

I craved different things with each pregnacy. When I was pregnant with Matt I craved chocolate and lots of it. With the other two I didn't have the same sweet tooth.

I have eaten pickles and ice cream but not because I craved it but because someone dared me to try it. I was working at McDonalds at that time so I mixed it with chocolate, vanilla, or twist. Probably chocolate. It wasn't horrible if I remember correctly but I never ate it again.

I don't understand the pickle thing either but I ate tons of them when I was pregnant. (dill only)

LauraB said...

I think you're right on your theory- pregnant women crave what their body needs...fruits, ice cream for calcium. Ya know. Maybe pickles is a way of getting veggies?

I went through a cheese phase and also gained alot of weight that month! Now I like chicken fingers or nuggets :)

I say go with your cravings!

eyesofworld said...

Mama and Papa,
Here is a link to the Sechlers Pickles Page with a recipe for Pickle Ice Cream. ( They use a vanilla base and a little lemon extract. I think the green food coloring is a nice extra touch!

mimmiehook said...

I remember wanting bacon and very over easy eggs, the sloppier the eggs were the better I liked them.I guess I thought you was a little chicken in there.I remember eating in the livingroom once and had my plate resting on top of my belly(okay,it was really resting on you)and you kicked it off before I could catch it.

Becky Grider said...

you are definitely right in that you crave what your body needs!! I had the pickle craving for the first couple of months but after that....i had a HUGE craving for ice!! I would stop at any gas station and just buy a cup of ice and eat it!! I'm sure this is because it was the dead of summer and I was working outside!

Mary said...

okay gross.
1) I hate pickles anyway.
2) I love ice cream too much to ever defile it with such a thing as pickles.
Thusly, I would not eat any kind of pickle with any kind of ice cream.
However, if you're buying, I'll take some mint chocolate chip, some cookie dough, and something with caramel and chocolate in it.
p.s. I also like waffle cones.

I like this blog thing, I can keep up!

Allie-Mae's Mommy said...

I was lucky and did not crave anything. Doug did all the cravings for me. He craved potatoes, then it was cashews, then he craved sour cream on everything.. and I mean everything. I ate pretty regular stuff as well, didnt crave anything weird. Towards the end, ice cream @ night helped w/ acid reflux. I also didnt care for the things I absolutely loved. I love chocolate, but throughout my pregnancy I couldnt eat much of it. It just didnt sound good to eat. Which was fine by me cause I was afraid of gaining weight. I too fluctuated with my weight. First and second trimester I gained a few pounds here, lost a couple there. I didnt gain all my weight until the end when I couldnt be as active and Alex was hitting her growing spurts.