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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Next Appointment & Travels

My next appointment is February 7th! I think I just get some fun exams, and measured and weighed. Speaking of weight, I have not gained anything yet- I am fluctuating between minus one pound, plus one pound. However, my waist line is changing for sure! My pants are tight in places they weren't before, especially after lunch!

We are traveling to North Vernon this weekend for some birthday celebrations. My nephew and I share the same birthday, February 4th! We will be having dinner with my Mom's side on Saturday night then staying all night with my Dad and having lunch with that side on Sunday, then traveling back north for a celebration with the Zimmerman's and then the BIG celebration- THE SUPERBOWL! This is actually the first Superbowl I am watching where I actually understand the concept of football, amazing and sad I know! I have a feeling after this weekend my pants may be more than just a little tight!! GO COLTS!!!!!!

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