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Thursday, February 8, 2007


Yuck- I do not think I will be drinking orange juice for a while. I got sick for the first time today and it was NOT fun. The worst part I had to stay at work because I have a lot to get done. Luckily I started feeling better, but once you get sick you never really feel 100% again that day, at least I don't.

I went to Babies R Us on my lunch hour to kill some time, wow do we have a lot of stuff to get! I think we will go register this weekend (also at Target, how could one resist) because the colors we (or should I say, I have chosen, Shane just nods even if he disagrees) chose are neutral. Light yellow, celery green, dark brown, and cream that can go either boy or girl. I was against themy stuff so I wanted to go with just a simple color scheme I found a bedding set that has a bear on it but it also has all of those colors and the bear is not too cheesy looking.

What we really should be doing is cleaning out closet and cleaning out the nursery's closet, but that does not seem nearly as much fun as registering!

We do have a busy weekend- Shane is taking me out for my birthday dinner (we celebrated with family last weekend) to Ruth's Chris. I will post a review next week! Then if we have time Marian's homecoming party and alumni get together is Saturday night. Hopefully Sunday can be lazy.

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