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Wednesday, February 7, 2007


I got to meet my doctor today for the first time, she is awesome. I really really like her, she is young and really easy to talk to. I was so relieved! I did not want a doctor who made me feel uncomfortable! I just got a normal exam, she said everything looked great. She felt my pelvic bones and said they were perfect for delivery. I guess some women's tilt and it makes delivery harder, I am normal! She also said that my weight was really good, but that I should only look to gain about 10-15 lbs, so with that said I am starting a food journal and I HAVE to start walking on the treadmill. She told me that I should not have to adjust my calorie intake just be sure to eat healthy foods. Now I must make myself get off of the couch and do some physcial activitiy, its just so cold in the garage! I did find a few good programs on On Demand that I am going to try to do tonight, I will keep you updated! And I have Grey's Anatomy the first season to watch while I work out!

I only got to hear the heartbeat this time, it was a strong 164 which the doctor said sounded great! I got good marks all around!! I will get another ultrasound at 18-20 weeks (I will be 12 weeks Friday, so the appointment after the next one- I may be able to find out the sex then too!). We had the option for genetic testing that would let us know if the baby would be born with CF or spina bifida, we asked what we could do if we had positive results and there is nothing that can be done until the baby is born so we opted not to do the tests. The way I look at it things are in God's hands and I am doing everything I am supposed to be doing so I will leave my trust in Him. Just like I told Shane when he was starting to wonder if we could get pregnant at all, leave it up to God he will let us know when we are ready and what do you know- we are having a baby!

My next appointment is March 7th, I will post before then I am sure! I am so glad that I like my doctor and that I got good remarks at this appointment! Wish me luck with the exercise! :)

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LauraB said... is a great website. Not only do you count calories on it- but it tells you how much iron/calcium, etc.. you are getting!

I used to be addicted to it but I haven't used it in about a month-oops!

Congrats on the healthy check up! :)