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Friday, March 30, 2007


We got a bargain on the furniture! I have it all in the back of my truck right now! Can't wait for Shane to put it all together! hehehe

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Name Choices!

Ok so here are the names Shane and I have agreed on. Now we have to wait and see what set we will be choosing from! Middle names are still being detirmined, however for a boy we will probably use Stewart as the middle name. Let me know what your favorite name from each set is, and if you have a good middle name to go with it!



Tuesday, March 27, 2007

8 Days and Counting

So we have 8 more days until we find out the sex of the baby!! Wow, how exciting. I think it is a girl, as do many people! I am feeling better and better each day, still doing well with weight gain and I have not been gagging nearly as much, which is a huge blessing!

This week our deck got finished ( I will try to post a picture soon) so we have been enjoying some evenings out there. I also planted some basil, green onions, and rosemary (will be doing banana peppers too when I get more soil!). We also bought blueberry and raspberry bushes to plant, I am excited...I hope they all live!!

We got our bedding on ebay for $50 bucks cheaper than it was a Babies R Us, and when I got it home I noticed that it has orange instead of yellow in it so the colors are now green, orange, and brown! I also went to Baby Depot and found a 4 in 1 crib, changing table, and set of drawers all under $500! Much cheaper than Babies R Us! We need to finish cleaning out the baby's room and get it painted, which is my goal for this weekend! Hopefully photos will follow!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


What do you call your mother when you talk to her? I call mine Mom, now when I was little would call her Mommy I suppose but I have always called my father Dad, I would sometime call my step-dad Daddy but not all the time. My grandparents have always been Grandma and Grandpa with the exception of my Great Grandfather (my maternal gradmother's step-father) and he was called Pappy or Pap, my Grandpa Stewart was also called Papaw when I was little but as I grew up it switched to Grandpa. However, I never addressed them as Grandma Rose or Grandma Betty etc. unless I was talking about them in conversation.

Also, did you have to address your Aunt's and Uncle's as "Aunt/Uncle so and so", I think I may have called my Dad's brother Uncle Donnie when I was little but now I just say Donnie. On my Mom's side I just addressed them by first name, probably because the age difference is only 10 years with my Aunt Julie and even less than that with my Uncle JP and I assume since I called them by first name I only followed suit with my Uncle Steve. Now I had a step-mom who made me call her sisters "Aunt so and so" which to me was strange and I did not like it, so of course I think I just refrained from saying their names!

I think on Shane's side our child will call his or her aunts/uncles "Aunt Beth" or "Uncle Jon" but on my side I do not think they will address my siblings as "Aunt/Uncle" only because I don't address mine like that, Shane does. I do not see the disrespect I think it is a matter of how you grew up.

Did you let your kids choose what to call his or her grandparents or did you let the grandparents request to be called something? I will let my parents/grandparents be called whatever they want to be called, I think. I assume that my child will call me Mom or Mommy, I would prefer not to be addressed as Mother or Mama- just not my style. I am assuming that Shane will be Dad or Daddy?!

I would never allow my child to call me by my first name, that I think shows disrespect. Odd how I don't like that but addressing aunts and uncles by first name does not bother me, again its how I grew up.

Shane also refers to some of his parents friends as "Aunt" and "Uncle" and some of his friends kids refer to him as "Uncle Shane" and me as "Aunt Brook"- thoughts on that? I never did this as a child, my parents friends were called by their first names. I however would like for my children to call their friends parents "Mr/Mrs" until told not to. I would assume that they would call our friends by first name- (ex. Sherry) but I think Shane would address Sherry as "Aunt Sherry". I am not sure how I feel about this yet, I will have to think about it.

So my question to you- if you are a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or friend how would you prefer Baby Zimmerman address you and how do you address the people discussed above? Thanks for your input!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Chinese Chart

Ok please leave a comment and tell me if this worked for you, if you are not a mom calculate your own birth!! You have to match up the month you conceived and the age you were when you concieved. This says I will have a girl!,,j736,00.html

Sorry I tried to just post it here but it kept messing up.

Busy Busy Bee's

Shane and I were exhausted this weekend, we did a lot of work!

First we went to Home Depot to buy closet organizers seeing as we now have to share closets. We were amazed at the price difference in basically the same models one was $120 and one was $25- I will let you guess which one we went with! Then we got some under the bed storage totes and some for sweater/winter clothes for the attic. Question- they are in plastic sealed totes- do I need to put anything in them to keep the moths/bugs out, I am really not fond of the moth ball scent but surely with all the advances in technology they have invented something that does not make your clothes smell like death but still protects against moth/bug damage?! Help me out here! Anyways we also picked paint colors, dark brown, light yellow and green. I am still unsure of how I want to paint the room but those are the colors we like.

So then we went to Panda Express for lunch, yummy orange chicken!! We noted how we like eating at new restaurants because they are so nice and clean and most of the time the employees are still in the nicey nice mode. It was enjoyable, if you are a southsider check it out!

We then went home and commenced the cleaning. Shane went through his closet and got rid of 2 giant trashbags of clothes, I am getting rid of 3 and one bag of shoes. Sad. I also put all of my summer clothes in the under bed storage as I will most likely not be wearing them this summer! Shucks I have to go shopping for new clothes, that is just horrible!! So then Shane started installing the closet system in our room and we hung all of our clothes in one closet! Yes they all fit, and shoes too- we even have room on the side for storage- its awesome! I have an even awesomer husband for doing all of this tedious work this weekend when it was so nice out! While Shane was in our room doing his thing in the closet (hehe that sounded kind of funny) I was cleaning out my closet and the nursery. This room kind of turned into a catch all since we moved out the queen bed a few weeks ago so it was messy!! I also did about 7 loads of laundry and organized the linen closet. Then we enjoyed kabobs on the grill with Beth and Frank's family (brother and sister in law neighbors) and Shane's mom. We then went back to work, we rearranged our bedroom and now it really feels like a finished room, yes we have lived there over 3 years and it is just now getting done! We moved the nightstands from the spare room to our room, moved our bed and dresser and hung our mirror that had been sitting on the ground propped up against the wall! It really looks nice (I will try to post some pics soon, our camera is in Europe right now so I will have to borrow one). Then on Sunday Shane installed the other closet system in the nursery, the closet is really the only thing ready in that room right now! But we do have some time to work on it!

Friday night was fun too we went to our friend's house (Jim and Cyndi Kelly) and out to dinner with them and another couple. Jim and Cyndi have 2 kids so that really put Shane in baby mode, he said that he would not mind having a little girl because Aida was so cute! Aida was so good the whole evening it was amazing! I need to take some lessons from Jim and Cyndi! Liam slept the whole time up until about an hour before we left he was also happy the whole time he was up! Of course he got fed so he was really happy after that! It was nice to go out and have a fun night with Jim and Cyndi and their two small kids, it really puts some of what I hear about how we will not have a life after this baby to rest. Shane and I are ready for changes to our life, and we realize that things will be different, I mean really if we did not think we were ready for this change do you think we would have been "trying" to have a baby? Change is good and this change will bring along good things. That is all I am saying on that...right now!! :)

Overall this was a really productive and fun weekend, however we were both sore! I should remember to wear shoes when working around the house, my feet and legs were killing me!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Big Date!!! APRIL 5TH

April 5th is when we find out what we are having, 9 a.m. We are so excited!!

I had another appt. this morning, all looks really good! Lost one pound, but measured really well. Blood pressure was good and the baby's heartbeat was 153. The appointment was really short! Oh I tested negative for whatever disease cats can pass along to you, I had to get my blood drawn last time to get it tested.

The baby was really low today, down by my pelvic bone- the Doctor normally puts the wand by my belly button and had to move about 4 inches down today!

Well I think I am going to start counting down the days until we find out the sex of the baby! Only 28 more days!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2007


I have two questions one is serious and one not so serious.

Serious- To all you mommies out there how do/did you explain thunderstorms so that they are not so scary! All kids seem to be afraid of them (ok so am I) so I just wondered if anyone had any tricks up their sleeves to make them not so scary!

Not serious- I realize that Eve was probably the first woman to have a baby but do you think God just laid it all out for her and told her how the baby was made and that she would endure all these things during the 10 months she was carrying this child? Just think of this, you start waking up puking or feeling sick for no apparent reason, you are moodier than usual, cry at the drop of a fig leaf, stop having your period, start getting fat, then have the worst cramps you could ever imagine and then out comes a little human!! Then what to do with that child to make it stop crying!? Just wondering how all this went down back in the day, interesting to think about. My friend seems to think that women just "knew", I guess kind of like animals just "know" what to do. One other thing, what did they use to "suck" out the mucusy stuff that we now have nice mucus suckers for? Also do you think that animals have to suffer through child birth just like us women do, I don't think that they do because they did not betray anyone- I mean it really can't be all that pleasant to deliver a baby hippo or elephant but have you ever heard an elephant or hippo deliver? Dogs and cats are quiet and seem to just go about their business as normal? Sorry if this was disturbing or gross to you but these are just some of the things that go through my head on a daily basis. Trust me you don't want to know all of what I think about or you would probably have me committed to an insane asylum, just ask Shane he once told me to tell him all the things that went through my head and now he thinks I am a wacko. Probably why he stays with me.

Thanks for your thoughs.