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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


What do you call your mother when you talk to her? I call mine Mom, now when I was little would call her Mommy I suppose but I have always called my father Dad, I would sometime call my step-dad Daddy but not all the time. My grandparents have always been Grandma and Grandpa with the exception of my Great Grandfather (my maternal gradmother's step-father) and he was called Pappy or Pap, my Grandpa Stewart was also called Papaw when I was little but as I grew up it switched to Grandpa. However, I never addressed them as Grandma Rose or Grandma Betty etc. unless I was talking about them in conversation.

Also, did you have to address your Aunt's and Uncle's as "Aunt/Uncle so and so", I think I may have called my Dad's brother Uncle Donnie when I was little but now I just say Donnie. On my Mom's side I just addressed them by first name, probably because the age difference is only 10 years with my Aunt Julie and even less than that with my Uncle JP and I assume since I called them by first name I only followed suit with my Uncle Steve. Now I had a step-mom who made me call her sisters "Aunt so and so" which to me was strange and I did not like it, so of course I think I just refrained from saying their names!

I think on Shane's side our child will call his or her aunts/uncles "Aunt Beth" or "Uncle Jon" but on my side I do not think they will address my siblings as "Aunt/Uncle" only because I don't address mine like that, Shane does. I do not see the disrespect I think it is a matter of how you grew up.

Did you let your kids choose what to call his or her grandparents or did you let the grandparents request to be called something? I will let my parents/grandparents be called whatever they want to be called, I think. I assume that my child will call me Mom or Mommy, I would prefer not to be addressed as Mother or Mama- just not my style. I am assuming that Shane will be Dad or Daddy?!

I would never allow my child to call me by my first name, that I think shows disrespect. Odd how I don't like that but addressing aunts and uncles by first name does not bother me, again its how I grew up.

Shane also refers to some of his parents friends as "Aunt" and "Uncle" and some of his friends kids refer to him as "Uncle Shane" and me as "Aunt Brook"- thoughts on that? I never did this as a child, my parents friends were called by their first names. I however would like for my children to call their friends parents "Mr/Mrs" until told not to. I would assume that they would call our friends by first name- (ex. Sherry) but I think Shane would address Sherry as "Aunt Sherry". I am not sure how I feel about this yet, I will have to think about it.

So my question to you- if you are a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or friend how would you prefer Baby Zimmerman address you and how do you address the people discussed above? Thanks for your input!


Anonymous said...

I am going to be daddy-o. Becaused I am jive like that.

Beth said...

Your children can call be Beth or Aunt Beth. I really don't care either way. I will probably call myself Aunt Beth to them like "Come see Aunt Beth." but that is how I was raised too. (Just like Shane) Kristy's kids all call be Aunt Beth except for Tim and I don't really know why he just calls me Beth. Sometimes the little ones do just say Beth I guess. I don't pay that much attention really because they both sound right. I am Aunt Beth to my neices and nephew on Frank's side of the family. As far as calling other people Aunt or Uncle that ae not actually related I do see why that would be strange. I know I probably do it though. I think it started when Shane was a baby and for some reason he would call Dick Powell Uncle Dick. We never called him that before Shane was born I think Shane just did it. We called Bill Dobbins Big Bill and still do so I guess Shane thought Dick needed a title before his name. I think he is the only person that we called Uncle that wasn't our actual Uncle. We did call all of the real Aunts and Uncles Aunt ______ or Uncle_____.

As far as Grandparents we called all of then Grandma or Grandpa and sometimes my Mom's dad we called Granddaddy Buzz. We always added there first name to the end so I had a Grandma Pat, a Grandpa (or daddy) Buzz, a Grandpa Leonard, and I still have a Grandma Ruth. Some of my cousins called them Grandma and Grandpa Zimmerman or Grandma and Grandpa Doran. I always thought that was weird. I thought it was to formal and distant. Like you said it is just how you were raised. I think the Grandparents should choose what they want to be called and nornally I think it just happens because of how they talk to the baby "Come see Grandma" or "Come see Nana" so on and so on.

My kids call me Mom or Mommy and I like either one. Matt doesn't call me Mommy anymore but the girls still will sometimes. I don't like Mother it sounds cold and rigid to me. I had a freind growing up and she called her Mom Mother. I thought is was strange and I even remember asking my Mom why she called her that. In that smae family they had to boys and they called her Mom. Megan will call me Beth when she is trying to get my attention and that drives Frank crazy. I guess it would bother me if that is what she always called me but half the time I don't even notice it just makes me answer her.

There you go - my opinions probably spelled wrong but I don't feel like rereading this so deal with it.

LauraB said...

Hey Brook,

I would like to be called mama...I called my mom that until I was older and just called her mom. Don't know just like it.

In true southern IN tradition my parents go by Mamaw and Papaw to my nephews and our surely our baby too.

Jeremy's parents have requested to go by Mom-Mom and Pop, and on the other side Grammie and Grampie. I hope the kiddo can keep this all straight!

I always called my Aunts and Uncles "Aunt so and so"...still do!

Allie-Mae's Mommy said...

We asked our parents what they want to be called. At first I was making that decision on who was going to be called what... but then I decided to let them to do so. We have Grandma, Grandma thayer, Papaw, Nana, Great Paw-Paw, and great Maams. For the friends being called "aunt or uncle". We refer to her godfather as Uncle Jr. My best friend is Aunt Kari and her boyfriend is Uncle Rick. I am called Aunt CC to my godson. My brother and sister will be referred to as Aunt and Uncle so and so. Other than that, every one else goes by their first names. My parents raised us kids to call everyone "Mr, Mrs, Ms.." as well. I did that until I can remember. I would like for her to do that as well. But Doug says that too proper and stuck up sounding.
I say this now, but I bet when she starts talking, she will change everyones names... lol