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Thursday, March 1, 2007


I have two questions one is serious and one not so serious.

Serious- To all you mommies out there how do/did you explain thunderstorms so that they are not so scary! All kids seem to be afraid of them (ok so am I) so I just wondered if anyone had any tricks up their sleeves to make them not so scary!

Not serious- I realize that Eve was probably the first woman to have a baby but do you think God just laid it all out for her and told her how the baby was made and that she would endure all these things during the 10 months she was carrying this child? Just think of this, you start waking up puking or feeling sick for no apparent reason, you are moodier than usual, cry at the drop of a fig leaf, stop having your period, start getting fat, then have the worst cramps you could ever imagine and then out comes a little human!! Then what to do with that child to make it stop crying!? Just wondering how all this went down back in the day, interesting to think about. My friend seems to think that women just "knew", I guess kind of like animals just "know" what to do. One other thing, what did they use to "suck" out the mucusy stuff that we now have nice mucus suckers for? Also do you think that animals have to suffer through child birth just like us women do, I don't think that they do because they did not betray anyone- I mean it really can't be all that pleasant to deliver a baby hippo or elephant but have you ever heard an elephant or hippo deliver? Dogs and cats are quiet and seem to just go about their business as normal? Sorry if this was disturbing or gross to you but these are just some of the things that go through my head on a daily basis. Trust me you don't want to know all of what I think about or you would probably have me committed to an insane asylum, just ask Shane he once told me to tell him all the things that went through my head and now he thinks I am a wacko. Probably why he stays with me.

Thanks for your thoughs.


Robert said...

On the serious question. My wife and I say that its angels bowling.
This of course then begs the question, is god getting the burgers?

Mary said...

okay, so before we had the mucus sucker things, people (parents) had to use their mouths to suck the mucus from the nose of the baby.
Gross, huh?
I think I would gag.