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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Kicks, Somersaults, Jabs and some rambling

So I am now officially 26 months pregnant, doesn't that equal 6 and a half months pregnant? If each month has 4 weeks then yes my math is correct! I am definitely feeling and looking pregnant now! I can still wear one pair of my regular pants but I am mostly in all maternity shirts now, which is nice because they actually make me look pregnant unlike regular clothes which just make me look chubby!

I have also been feeling the baby move so much lately! Such strange sensations! I like it but it is so weird, its like sometimes my insides are being pushed around and rearranged! And it seems that I feel a movement on one side of my belly and then one on the total other side! I have also felt a few where it seems that Abbey (ha! so fun to call her by name!) is trying to stand straight up and her little feet are way low, now that is a strange feeling! I have also been able to feel her with my hand on my stomach, they are not strong movements but I did feel them- not too long before we see my stomach move...I don't know if I am ready for all of that!!

I also have noticed that I can't eat as much as I used to and I need to start eating 5-6 small meals a day instead of 3! I ate half a bowl of soup, half a half salad and a roll today for lunch and afterwards I was in misery. I have no room in there for that much food, but then in about 3-4 hours I am starving again! Eating smaller more frequent meals is hard to do!

Also I have begun to have some acid reflux issues! YUCK! I notice them when I eat something really spicy and then go to bed shortly after. I know I know your not supposed to lay down right after eating and if you have acid reflux you should sleep propped up...easier said than done. My new pillow does not really allow for propping up while in use, and well I am not giving up that pillow it is my best friend right now! I need one for the living room and two for the bedroom because it is like wrestling an elephant when you try to turn over with that thing in the middle of the night. Anyways back to this acid reflux, it wakes me from a dead sleep and makes me sit straight up...which I never ever sit straight up in bed from a deep sleep. Anywho my throat feels like it is on fire and the taste of whatever I ate previously is disgusting! I almost throw up every time it happens, thank goodness that I have not done that.

Now on to some happier things! When Shane and I got married Father Steve suggested that we tell each other things that we are thankful for in our lives, well we have made this a nightly ritual because we do have so many things in life we are thankful for. Now sometimes it is as small as being thankful that the next day is a Friday after a long hard week. Most nights we are thankful for the wonderful things God has done with our lives and we reflect often on how lucky we are and even when tragedy strikes you have to do your best to focus on the positive things that God is doing in your life otherwise you will just go crazy. No one can explain why God does the things that he does but there are reasons. But last night Shane said he was thankful that we both are people who are in general happy and look for reasons to be happy instead of looking for things in life to be mad about or be depressed about. Now with that being said a really sad situation took place last week and we allowed ourselves to feel sad and grieve and there are still really sad moments in my days but you have to allow yourself to find some light in a dark situation and that has been my salvation that I am able to focus on something good that only can result when something terrible occurs. My point in all of this is that I hope and pray to God that Shane and I are able to instill this in our children (hopefully it will be children!) we talk about how scary it is to raise children in this world but we know that we won't be alone in this walk but we can't forget that God will be there for us always but that we have to invite Him into our lives. I can't even imagine how hard it will be to raise a child with strong Christian morals and values, it is scary but I know we will be able to do it! Over all I think we are just lucky to have had parents who instilled those morals and values in us, now we may have strayed for a few years and had different beliefs but we came back. I can't imagine how hard it is to see your child make the wrong decisions, I know it will happen and I know we can't force our kids to do what we want but it sure would be nice! Well I will stop rambling now because Shane has asked me who I am writing a novel to...

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