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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We decided on a name...

Providing that the ultrasound was right and this is a little girl we have a name....

Abigail Jane Zimmerman and she will go by Abbey!

We had a rough week last week. As many of you know my oldest sister passed away unexpectedly and we were with my family in North Vernon all week. Shane came to bed on Friday night, the day of the funeral, and asked me what I thought of Abbey. I immediately loved it, we had tossed it around a little before but never settled on it. I love Abigail because it is classic and Abbey is just too cute! We thought about going with Rene for the middle name (my middle name) but we think we may save that for a first name in the future, if we are blessed again! So we thought about Ruth but did not like the sound of it. Then I said how about Jane, which was my sisters middle name. Shane liked it a lot. So we settled on Abigail Jane. Now here are some interesting things that occurred after we started telling people about it- I told my friend Rachel on Saturday that we had decided on it and she said that it was really special because my Dad (Les) used to call my sister (Audrey) AJ- that had not even occurred to me when Shane and I discussed the name. I did not put the initials together but there it is her initials will also be AJ. Then we told my Dad (yes I have two dads- in this case I mean my dad Bryan!) and Ginger (my step mom) and Ginger said isn't that your Grandma Stewart's middle name too? And of course it is! I know that any other mothers out there will back me up when I say that I feel like I am loosing my mind- I forget things, and can't remember things all the time!!! Frustrating. So it had not even dawned on me about her middle name too! So this baby will be named after two wonderful women who have been part of my life for a long long time. Now my Grandma Stewart wanted me to go with Bree (short for her maiden name Breeck) but we went with Jane so hopefully that makes her smile too! I am sure it will. The more I say the name Abigail Jane the more I like it- two very classic names with such meaning.

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