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Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Oh not really but this weekend is my shower!!!!!!!!! How exciting is that?! Maybe I am the only one who is really excited...maybe not. I know many busy women who have been very involved in the planning process of this extravagant event! A big huge thank you goes out to all of them, they are all very special!!! Many of the husbands of the women who will be attending will be going on a golf outing to Valle Vista while we are oohing and ahhhing over the fantastic baby items!! Be sure to check back early next week for pictures of the goods and the party attenders!

Baby Update- I went to the doctor last week, still got good remarks. BP was great have gained 10lbs which is where my doctor wants me and very minimal swelling so far! I did mention that it feels like I have been riding a bike for hours straight, kind of a bruised pain when I walk nothing too bad that would keep me from walking or anything like that just enough to notice, so I got an exam and checked out ok! Abbey must be head down and putting lots of pressure on my pelvic bones!! She is kicking up a storm for sure! I can't tell body parts or anything but sure do feel her all the time! I will be 34 weeks this week so we don't have much longer!

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