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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I had my shower this weekend and it was amazing! A great big huge thank you to all of those involved in planning it it was better than I could have ever imagined! Also a huge thank you to all of you who attended and all of the wonderful gifts you showered me with!! We had to take a break for cake to get through all of the gifts! It really was a wonderful day especially seeing friends and relatives who I have not seen in a long time, I am sorry if I did not get to spend much time with some of you I felt very busy the whole time!!

Many of the women came back to my house and hung out and waited on their husbands to finish up playing golf so we had lots of time to chit chat and put things away in the nursery! Thanks to everyone who helped unload all the goodies and clothes- I have a lot of washing to do!! All of the clothes that I own are sized and organized. I still need to clean out a shelf in the bathroom and kitchen for "baby" stuff but that should not take too long!

I also learned that two of the girls in attendance were expecting their first little one so that was really fun too! I also got to see a friends little baby boy who was too cute!!

Shane was thrilled because we got some Winnie the Pooh stuff, which was really cute! He also has only three things to put together- well he will have more after tonight- we are going shopping at Babies R Us so maybe he will have 5 or so!

Once again thanks to all who were involved in planning this huge successful event I truly appreciate all of your hard work it was an amazing day! Thanks again to everyone who came and for all of the awesome gifts! Shane and I both asked each other how we got to be so lucky and blessed with such amazing family and friends, I guess we must be pretty likable huh? :)

For those of you who may have heard my comment "I will have a lot of returning to do" please let me explain!!!!! I was standing in the front of the room and a friend asked me what would I do if Abbey came out a boy.... Well after getting all of the PINK (ha I can say it now!!) clothing and girl related stuff I said "I will have a lot of returning to do" now if you did not know that she had asked me that then it would have sounded like I would be returning a lot of the amazing gifts I got, SO NOT the case at all. To be honest I have two blankets to return they were the ONLY duplicates believe it or not! I got such a wide array of gifts that I was very lucky to not have to do lots of returns! That makes me very happy!!! I just wanted to make sure that if anyone heard that comment you knew why I said it!

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