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Friday, August 31, 2007

Oh what a night

Well well well last night was fun...ha! Poor little girl almost went hoarse from crying! She was mad and not wanting to nurse but we finally (at 5 am) got her to eat, or should I say I did Shane was out like a light- that is what happens when you don't take a nap when she naps! Anyways it was rough but I made it and then she went to sleep at 5 and did not get up until 10 am! I got 5 hours straight this morning I was so lucky. Now we are waiting on her to give us a nice diaper full! I am pretty darn sure that my milk is in because this morning she ate for 10 min on each side and spit up some really liquidy stuff too thin for colostrum I think! She eats fine during the day but its the night time that is hard to get her to latch on and nurse, any suggestions from the pros out there?! She is quitely swinging now but here are some pics from this morning, I can't stop taking pictures!
Four days after delivery, I am back to my starting weight now here's to trying to loose some more
Zeke loves his little sister so much

Laying in bed with Daddy

Abbey loves sloppy kisses

Bonding time with Daddy

Just a swingin'

Thursday, August 30, 2007

More pics!

We got released from the hospital! Our first stop, Babies R Us, we needed to get her some new clothes of course! Actually we needed to get a few things so we had a short trip there, then to Walgreens and finally home! Abbey got to meet her big brother Zeke (pics to come) and all went very well. Zeke was really not even interested he sniffed and licked on her a few times but he was just happy to see Shane and I at home again! He got loose two times while we were away so he was a very bad dog, he went and played in the creek so hopefully tomorrow he will be going to play at the groomers! He does check on Abbey when she starts crying, which is cute. She sat in her swing for a few hours today and each time Zeke would get up he would give her a sniff and go on about his business! So far it has been a great day....look for a post tomorrow about the goings on of tonight....wish us luck.

Bundle of Joy! 7 lbs 11 ounces 22 inches long

Proud Daddy!

What an amazing experience!

Shane had a really rough night last night and needed to recover in my bed...

Leaving the hospital!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Beautiful Baby

Abigail Jane Zimmerman

Grandpa Stewart!

Grandma Stewart and Abbey!

Proud Grandparents!

Just a few minutes old!

First Family Photo!

Wow what an amazing last few days! I will try to remember as much as I can (drugs have a funny effect on the mind) and tell the birth story of Abigail Jane Zimmerman.

We were scheduled to arrive at the hospital at 7:30 on Sunday August 26th, however when we called to see if that was still ok they told us to wait until 8:30 thus only giving me more time to get nervous. My mom and dad were here early to hang out so we went out to eat and then back to Shane’s mom and dad’s to show my parents where they would be staying for the night. We then went to the hospital to get checked in and settled in the room. We were greeted by a very friendly staff and I got a room and got changed into my lovely standard issue hospital gown, a lovely shade green pladish pattern.

Once in the nurse came in we got started on Cervadil, this had to be inserted and stay in place for 12 hours. I had to lay flat on my back for one hour, it got to be uncomfortable but that was only the start of things. I then continued to stay in bed and be checked every so often through out the night with no progress. I was having back pain and very mild contractions but nothing to bat an eye at! Morning came and still nothing, I was getting depressed because I wanted something to have changed, we then had to discuss what we were going to do next. We decided to go ahead and start the Pitocen which was about 10:30 am. This really got things going in the contraction department, I could tell something was going on! Still not enough to make me miserable but just uncomfortable. The nurse came in and stripped my membranes again, then my doctor came in and punctured my bag of waters and I started having short but very severe contractions and was then asked if I would like to have something to take the edge off…I said YES…so I was given some Nubain and it was wonderful! I then got to go to sleep for a few hours, then I woke up and the nurses wanted to insert an internal contraction monitor because the external monitors were not picking up Abbey’s heartbeat or my contractions like they should, while they were doing this they broke my water and it was a flood! The nurses were laughing so hard they could hardly do what they were supposed to be doing, water was all over the bed in puddles and running onto the floor they could not believe how much fluid I had and just kept laughing, which in turn made me laugh and helped me get through! Well shortly after they cleaned me up I started having horrible horrible contractions I then got my second and final shot of Nubain (this was my last resort for pain relief before the epidural and I was trying to wait as long as I could because I was only dilated to 2cm and they like for you to be at about 4 with your cervix totally effaced and cooperating before the epidural can be given) I was then able to fall asleep again between the really bad contractions. The whole time all of this had been going on Shane had been rubbing my back and legs and basically doing anything I asked, he was wonderful- as well as my mom they both took turns rubbing my lower back which was the ONLY thing I wanted touched! I then began to feel long hard contractions with only a one or two minute break and the nurse came in and said that she was going to call my doctor and try to convince her that I needed to get the epidural. Thank God my nurse was able to talk her into it, I had to wait about 45 minutes with these horrid contractions to get the epidural. I was so scared to get it done up until this point, at this point you could have cut my leg off with a butter knife I it would have felt better than what I was going through! Everyone had to leave the room and the anesthesiologist came in and got set up, he was great, he talked me through the whole process and I got the numbing shot and felt the coldness of the epidural go in my spine but it felt good compared to the contractions, which by the way I was having through out getting the epidural and was scared because I was shaking from nerves, pain, and the Nubain! All went well and I was a happy camper in a matter of minutes- everyone came back in the room and I could actually carry on a conversation and sit up in bed! It was amazing, I highly recommend getting the epidural and anyone who goes all natural congrats to you and you are literally super women! This was around midnight I think when I got my epidural and then about one everyone left (both sets of parents were there) and I finally got some sleep and it was absolutely wonderful. All this time they were cranking up my Pitocen, I think I was at about 14 or 15 when I went to sleep and about every hour they moved it up a notch until finally I was at 20. It was about 6 am when I was at 20 on the Pitocen and my nurse came in and checked me at 6:15- I had finally been showing progress up until 6 and dilating at a good speed- she said wow I think you are at 10 cm but let me get another nurse to check you. I had been waking up since about 5 am because I was feeling contractions in the middle of my lower stomach and had to keep hitting the epidural button, by this time my legs were totally numb and I could barely control them, I could still wiggle my feet and move my left leg but not my right, my nurse had asked me at 6 if I wanted to hit the epidural button again and I said I did not want to because I did not want to be totally out if it during delivery. Good thing I did not hit it again because that second nurse came in and said I was definitely at 10 cm and she could feel the baby’s head! I was dead asleep when all of this was going on and barely awake for the exam, my nurse said to go back to sleep and that they wanted me to labor down on my own and she would be back at 6:45 to see what had happened. I was so looking forward to going back to sleep, however once the nurse left and I thought about being at 10 and the head being able to be felt I was no where near sleep…then the most incredible pressure I have ever felt in my life occurred. It was like I had to go to the bathroom but I knew I couldn’t but that was the sensation. I immediately called the nurse back in and said that I could not deal with this and that something was happening. Sure enough she checked again and had to call my doctor and other nurse back in (my doctor was sleeping) and they began to prepare for labor, bringing all the stuff in and setting up my bed and what not and I started to get very ancy because all I wanted to do was push and my doctor was still not there! I got to do a few practice pushes with the nurses and sure enough there was the head! Finally my doctor came in and we got the show rolling, I did about 3 more sets of three pushes and Abbey was here. It was amazing, my actual pushing part of labor was less than 20 minutes and it was the best thing in the world. I can’t even begin to describe it because it was a pain that you wanted to have so bad! I tore only a little bit when one of her shoulders came out but other than that small tear everything was perfect. Shane and my mom were by my side the whole time and were very supportive. I was very calm during labor and was told I did a great job by all who were in the room, I was not mean and nasty and only let one explicative out- amazing huh?

So that is the story and now we are all in the recovery room and doing just great, she is latching on with breast feeding for a few minutes but we are getting good remarks on that! Her stats were 7 lbs 11 ounces (she’s going to be a lucky girl in Vegas huh?), 22 inches long born at 6:56 a.m. and 8 and 9 on the Apgar. Her color was wonderful and not red and wrinkly at all, she is soft and pink and the most gorgeous baby ever, I am of course not partial to her at all. Beautiful baby girl!

Time and date!

I just got the call from my doctor and we have to call the hospital on Sunday night at 6:30 to make sure that they are ready for us to come in at 7:30. If all goes well I will go in at 7:30 and get cervadil to soften my cervix and then the next morning they will start pitocin! So I officially have about five and a half days to freak out and worry! Great times!

In due time

Well Abbey is just not ready to make an appearance! I have not progressed at all since the last appointment so I am still barely 1 cm and my cervix is still very high. My doctor said she will induce probably on Monday and possibly have me come to the hospital on Sunday night! So as long as nothing crazy happens it looks like we will be having a baby on Monday! I should be getting a call from the office today to make final plans so I will update everyone when I know more! This actually works well for my parents (both sets) since they live a little over an hour away. My step mom is actually in FL right now helping her dad so she will be flying into Louisville Sunday evening and maybe she will be here when Abbey arrives! Time to go check the baby pool to see who had August 27th!

Monday, August 20, 2007


Ok so I think the nesting thing has kicked in...yesterday I cooked and stored meals in the freezer! This is what I made:
Two pans of meatloaf
Two dinners of Salisbury steak
Baked Spaghetti
Stuffed Shells
BBQ Pulled Pork
Black Bean Soup
We had Chili and French Onion Soup from last week too.

Then while I was cooking Shane (the best husband in the world) cleaned the house. He is a MUCH better "cleaner" than I am. I am a surface cleaner, and as Shane puts it I am great at picking up, not so great at actual cleaning. It's true, I admit it. I never ever dust, probably why my allergies get so bad! I just hate dusting therefore I don't do it! Gross huh? Anyways, Shane rocked yesterday and cleaned like a mad man! Thanks sweetheart!

Then we decided to do the little things in the nursery, I put on the mattress pad, the sheet saver, straightened up the room a little and watched as Shane hung the video monitor...this was very entertaining. First off we had to hang the "eye" way up on the top of the wall above the crib, so we have this little camera thing and a cord running down the wall- its pretty! But in the process of doing all of this Shane wants to see how it works in the dark, so he shuts off the lights and puts the camera up his shirt to see if I could "make anything out" sure enough it works in the dark! He is crazy. Then in order to hang the camera in the right spot he needed a step stool- the step stool was in the laundry room which is about 3 rooms away- instead of getting the real step stool he decided to use the gliders ottoman (it also glides) so he is trying to stand on this ottoman his legs shaking the whole time because he is trying to steady it so it does not glide- this took a few tries but he finally got the hang of it- after dropping the camera two times thinking that he broke it- luckily it came back on and all is good! Its kind of Blair Witch Project-esque- but really cool at the same time!

I have decided to work as long as possible because if I am at home all day my life will be pretty boring just waiting on this baby to get here! Nothing much went on after the procedure on Friday, just back pain! I am thinking that is where all or the majority of my labor pains will be. I have also heard that the baby "calms" down in the day or two before delivery, if that is true then she is not coming out for a while- she is going crazy almost all day and night in there!

Stay tuned for the next doctor's appointment tomorrow at 1 p.m.!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Baby Pics!

So I just got back from the doctor's appt. It was not pleasant but not horrible! Mainly because I am only one cm dilated and very high still and my doctor had tiny tiny hands did it hurt- but now my back hurts and I am just feeling pretty normal some spotting but that is to be expected! Since I was so "high" still the doctor ordered an ultrasound to see if the baby was in position! I am attaching a pic of Abbey's face- if you start from the left the big white blob is her fist, then her chin, lips, and nose, eyes, and forehead! The ultrasound tech said that she was 97% sure that it was a girl, so that was reassuring to Shane! Well enjoy the picture!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Ok so tomorrow is the day I get my membranes stripped, I am nervous. I am such a wimp. It will only last for about 30 seconds but still I am scared.

Remember the baby pool- game name is Zimmermanbaby go check out the answers we are getting close!

Shane says this Saturday is the big day, I am pretty sure he is playing golf! I mean he has to get prepared right? The official due date has been nixed by him as well seeing as there is a Colts pre-season game that night. This baby and I must work around his schedule don't you know?!

Shane also thought it would be nice for me to go out on the boat this weekend, you know a week before the baby is "supposed" to be here it would be nice and relaxing for me to go out on the boat and bump around over the waves, sit out in 90 degree muggy weather and float in the water. Not to mention all of this the day after I get my membranes stripped, I said I thought I would have to pass. He is a funny funny guy!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Good News Finally!

Went to the doctor yesterday and all my tests that I had done came back just fine! My blood pressure was 120 over 80 and the baby's heartbeat was great! I am measuring very well and my doctor is very pleased with my weight gain! I am only a "fingertip" dilated and my doctor has very small hands so that is not much at all, however it is progress from the last time so that was good news! My cervix is also softening which was different from last time. I will be 38 weeks this weekend and at my next appointment on the 17th I will be getting my membranes stripped- sounds fun right?! Sometimes this speeds up the process of labor sometimes it does not so we shall see!! Did any of your do the "tricks" that are supposed to speed up labor, and were you successful or not?!

I noticed a little bit of swelling in my feet yesterday, however I was on my feet for a long time yesterday. I think I got a little bit of the nesting thing going on- I made 4 loaves of zucchini bread, cleaned the house- I cleaned around the baseboards, cleaned all four couches because they had more hair on them than the animals, cleaned the bathroom, dusted- which I never do, did laundry, and did 2 loads of dishes! Then I had a Party Lite candle show, it was busy day not to mention hotter than hot! Let's just say I plan to spend a lot of time in the pool this weekend!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Yuck Yuck Yuck

OK it is almost there and I can barely stand belly button is about to pop out. I am so sad. I hate, no I loathe, belly buttons. Of all things on the body I can't stand the belly button. I cringe when anyone touches mine- which Shane thinks is funny to put his finger in there- well he used to until my head spun around like the girl on the exorcist last time he did it. I think he got the point. I hate when people pick lent out of their belly buttons, or even touch it. Why on earth anyone wants to get it pierced and flaunt the nasty thing around is beyond me- how they let anyone get that close to it with a needle is also mind blowing to me. Anyways mine is almost there, I think I may cover it up with a bandage, like it is a wound. That way I do not have to look at it or God forbid touch it! I may cry when it happens.

As a side note, I don't know what I am going to do with the baby's belly button those first few weeks, maybe I will bandage that up to and make Shane deal with it. Yuck.

Monday, August 6, 2007

3 more weeks

Can you believe that we only have 3 more weeks? So far it has went pretty well, last week I developed a rash called PUPPS which has been very irritating. Starts out on the stomach and then can spread basically all over except your head- thank God! Well I was lucky and it spread! Looks and kind of feels like heat rash- little red bumps all over. It has been so bad that I have claw marks on my feet from scratching to much- you can't NOT scratch it. Imagine 1000 mosquito bites and then try not scratching them, impossible. I went to the doctor and got cream that has lots of menthol in it it works for about 30 min. I was told to take an oatmeal bath- so I tried that- honestly pregnant women should not bathe alone it can be very dangerous. We have shower doors on our tub and trying to lower myself down into the tub was a task, I could have easily slipped and drown in 4 inches of water, scary stuff. Then trying to get up out of the water was just as fun. The oatmeal bath only helped for about 20 min, not worth risking my life. Then I was told I could swim in a chlorinated pool!!!! Ok doctors orders, I must swim. Let me re-phrase that I must float in a chlorinated pool- swim who am I kidding!? That seems to work the best I do not itch while I am in the pool and then when I get out I put on my menthol lotion and seem to be good for a few hours! Then the itching comes back. I then went to my normal appointment and finally saw my regular doctor- she looked for the baby's heartbeat and said that this rash was pretty bad and I must be miserable! YES!!!! She gave me a prescription for something similar to benedryl and told me to go home and take it as soon as possible but not to drive anywhere because it was so strong- sure enough I took it at 2 and was out from 2:30 to 6:30! That stuff works pretty well, at least it lets me sleep through most of the night! I am still itchy but it is getting a little better. Now it is just a waiting game I suppose!