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Monday, August 6, 2007

3 more weeks

Can you believe that we only have 3 more weeks? So far it has went pretty well, last week I developed a rash called PUPPS which has been very irritating. Starts out on the stomach and then can spread basically all over except your head- thank God! Well I was lucky and it spread! Looks and kind of feels like heat rash- little red bumps all over. It has been so bad that I have claw marks on my feet from scratching to much- you can't NOT scratch it. Imagine 1000 mosquito bites and then try not scratching them, impossible. I went to the doctor and got cream that has lots of menthol in it it works for about 30 min. I was told to take an oatmeal bath- so I tried that- honestly pregnant women should not bathe alone it can be very dangerous. We have shower doors on our tub and trying to lower myself down into the tub was a task, I could have easily slipped and drown in 4 inches of water, scary stuff. Then trying to get up out of the water was just as fun. The oatmeal bath only helped for about 20 min, not worth risking my life. Then I was told I could swim in a chlorinated pool!!!! Ok doctors orders, I must swim. Let me re-phrase that I must float in a chlorinated pool- swim who am I kidding!? That seems to work the best I do not itch while I am in the pool and then when I get out I put on my menthol lotion and seem to be good for a few hours! Then the itching comes back. I then went to my normal appointment and finally saw my regular doctor- she looked for the baby's heartbeat and said that this rash was pretty bad and I must be miserable! YES!!!! She gave me a prescription for something similar to benedryl and told me to go home and take it as soon as possible but not to drive anywhere because it was so strong- sure enough I took it at 2 and was out from 2:30 to 6:30! That stuff works pretty well, at least it lets me sleep through most of the night! I am still itchy but it is getting a little better. Now it is just a waiting game I suppose!

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