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Thursday, August 30, 2007

More pics!

We got released from the hospital! Our first stop, Babies R Us, we needed to get her some new clothes of course! Actually we needed to get a few things so we had a short trip there, then to Walgreens and finally home! Abbey got to meet her big brother Zeke (pics to come) and all went very well. Zeke was really not even interested he sniffed and licked on her a few times but he was just happy to see Shane and I at home again! He got loose two times while we were away so he was a very bad dog, he went and played in the creek so hopefully tomorrow he will be going to play at the groomers! He does check on Abbey when she starts crying, which is cute. She sat in her swing for a few hours today and each time Zeke would get up he would give her a sniff and go on about his business! So far it has been a great day....look for a post tomorrow about the goings on of tonight....wish us luck.

Bundle of Joy! 7 lbs 11 ounces 22 inches long

Proud Daddy!

What an amazing experience!

Shane had a really rough night last night and needed to recover in my bed...

Leaving the hospital!

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LauraB said...

Can't believe you went shopping on your way home from the must be feeling good! You look great!