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Monday, August 20, 2007


Ok so I think the nesting thing has kicked in...yesterday I cooked and stored meals in the freezer! This is what I made:
Two pans of meatloaf
Two dinners of Salisbury steak
Baked Spaghetti
Stuffed Shells
BBQ Pulled Pork
Black Bean Soup
We had Chili and French Onion Soup from last week too.

Then while I was cooking Shane (the best husband in the world) cleaned the house. He is a MUCH better "cleaner" than I am. I am a surface cleaner, and as Shane puts it I am great at picking up, not so great at actual cleaning. It's true, I admit it. I never ever dust, probably why my allergies get so bad! I just hate dusting therefore I don't do it! Gross huh? Anyways, Shane rocked yesterday and cleaned like a mad man! Thanks sweetheart!

Then we decided to do the little things in the nursery, I put on the mattress pad, the sheet saver, straightened up the room a little and watched as Shane hung the video monitor...this was very entertaining. First off we had to hang the "eye" way up on the top of the wall above the crib, so we have this little camera thing and a cord running down the wall- its pretty! But in the process of doing all of this Shane wants to see how it works in the dark, so he shuts off the lights and puts the camera up his shirt to see if I could "make anything out" sure enough it works in the dark! He is crazy. Then in order to hang the camera in the right spot he needed a step stool- the step stool was in the laundry room which is about 3 rooms away- instead of getting the real step stool he decided to use the gliders ottoman (it also glides) so he is trying to stand on this ottoman his legs shaking the whole time because he is trying to steady it so it does not glide- this took a few tries but he finally got the hang of it- after dropping the camera two times thinking that he broke it- luckily it came back on and all is good! Its kind of Blair Witch Project-esque- but really cool at the same time!

I have decided to work as long as possible because if I am at home all day my life will be pretty boring just waiting on this baby to get here! Nothing much went on after the procedure on Friday, just back pain! I am thinking that is where all or the majority of my labor pains will be. I have also heard that the baby "calms" down in the day or two before delivery, if that is true then she is not coming out for a while- she is going crazy almost all day and night in there!

Stay tuned for the next doctor's appointment tomorrow at 1 p.m.!

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