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Friday, August 31, 2007

Oh what a night

Well well well last night was fun...ha! Poor little girl almost went hoarse from crying! She was mad and not wanting to nurse but we finally (at 5 am) got her to eat, or should I say I did Shane was out like a light- that is what happens when you don't take a nap when she naps! Anyways it was rough but I made it and then she went to sleep at 5 and did not get up until 10 am! I got 5 hours straight this morning I was so lucky. Now we are waiting on her to give us a nice diaper full! I am pretty darn sure that my milk is in because this morning she ate for 10 min on each side and spit up some really liquidy stuff too thin for colostrum I think! She eats fine during the day but its the night time that is hard to get her to latch on and nurse, any suggestions from the pros out there?! She is quitely swinging now but here are some pics from this morning, I can't stop taking pictures!
Four days after delivery, I am back to my starting weight now here's to trying to loose some more
Zeke loves his little sister so much

Laying in bed with Daddy

Abbey loves sloppy kisses

Bonding time with Daddy

Just a swingin'

1 comment:

LauraB said...

Back to pre-preg weight? You suck! I'm 4 MONTHS postpartum (not 4 DAYS) and still working on those last couple lbs. You must not have gained 40 lbs!

Don't know what to tell you about eating- Tessa has always been good at that. Just be patient and remember that if she's hungry she will eat!

You guys all look great!