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Thursday, August 16, 2007


Ok so tomorrow is the day I get my membranes stripped, I am nervous. I am such a wimp. It will only last for about 30 seconds but still I am scared.

Remember the baby pool- game name is Zimmermanbaby go check out the answers we are getting close!

Shane says this Saturday is the big day, I am pretty sure he is playing golf! I mean he has to get prepared right? The official due date has been nixed by him as well seeing as there is a Colts pre-season game that night. This baby and I must work around his schedule don't you know?!

Shane also thought it would be nice for me to go out on the boat this weekend, you know a week before the baby is "supposed" to be here it would be nice and relaxing for me to go out on the boat and bump around over the waves, sit out in 90 degree muggy weather and float in the water. Not to mention all of this the day after I get my membranes stripped, I said I thought I would have to pass. He is a funny funny guy!

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Allie-Mae's Mommy said...

Really-dont worry about getting your membranes stripped.. its not that bad at all. I was totally flipping out as well because no one told me how it would feel.. and it was nothing.. just an uncomfortable pinch (if that)...and Wisler did mine so he could have been considered "rough". I wouldnt go out in the hot weather in the boat.. play it safe and stay cool inside. Unless you want to start labor, cause it could happen. Im thinking she will stay in as long as she wants.. you might even get induced..Have you had any signs of labor? I had nothing, at all, nothing. I had one braxton hicks contraction when i was about 8 months and that was it. I didnt have anything even the day i was induced. have they guestimated how much she weighs?