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Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Pics

Ok so I was camera happy today!

Someone is hungry!
Looks like she is about to start running!

Just plain cute

Sweet little face!

Call me crazy

But I think I may feed Abbey homemade baby food, I am reading Super Baby Food (I picked this up from Laura's blog so thanks Laura any input you may have would be greatly appreciated). Its really not that difficult to do, you cook or steam the food the puree it and freeze it- how hard is that! ? Some foods you don't even have to cook- more on that later I am sure. I am still 5 months out from being able to feed her "real food"!!! My thoughts are this- processed foods are bad for us as adults so I am assuming that it would be the same for babies?! I know I know loads of people use jarred food (I am not opposed to using some of that as well don't get me wrong) but if I can take a few extra steps and make the food she eats and know what is going into her system and possibly make her healthier and develop better eating habits why not give it a whirl? Shane and I have a wide array of food we enjoy and I can only hope to pass that along to Abbey- I sure hope she likes hot stuff when she gets older because her mommy and daddy sure do! Any tips or advice on making the food is welcome! Thanks :)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Baby Smiles!

Abbey was a pretty funny girl today! I got a few shot of her smiling and giggling!! How fun.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Pics

Here are some new pics that we took today! She is 3 weeks old today!

Chillin outside

Kisses from daddy

Daddy loves his little girl!

Shane likes to use the sucker, this is what he pulled out....then he wiped it on my HAND!

This was his reaction....

Cross eyed baby!

What a cutie!

Doctor's Appointment

Well things went well at the doctor, she was at 7 lbs 7 oz last time and now she is at 7 lbs 12 oz so she is above her birth weight finally! She is still looking good and eating well! We will be introducing the bottle this week sometime so wish us luck! I hope it goes well then Shane can do some of the feedings and give me a break!

So I have been walking on the treadmill for the last few days and putting Abbey in her bouncy seat in the garage with me....Zeke will lay right next to her the whole time its pretty cute! I will try to get a pic tomorrow! I will also try to post some other pics soon too!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Where does the time go?!

Abbey will be three weeks old tomorrow! I am half way finished with my maternity leave from work! Wow how the time flies. I have been busy the last few days, or shall I say trying to keep myself busy! I have been doing a little bit of work from home, we have been to Target, Kohls, Starbucks, and Borders. We like to go shopping even if it is merely window shopping! I also have not posted much because we need new discs for our camera, sorry! I will try to post some tomorrow. We also go to the doctor tomorrow for another weight check so I will be sure to post what happens!

The cats have become more interested in what Abbey does they have been checking things out more now. They have to get used to things, they are very particular cats!

We have started trying to get Abbey on a schedule using "On Becoming Babywise" a book about schedules and babies, it is going ok she is still young so we are trying! I hope to be able to get some sleep before I have to go back to work! I would like to start getting up at 6 am seeing as that will now be my new time to rise, but I stay in bed until 8 or 9 most days! Abbey is up at 5 or 6 most mornings and I feed her and then go back to bed which I should not but I do! Maybe tomorrow I will just stay up.....hahahah right!!! Stay tuned for tomorrow's update!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Photo Shoot

Here are a few shots from the last few days, I was trying to get a good pic to submit to the paper and for her birth announcements! What fun!

It's a rough life being a baby!
What's Up?

Snug as a bug in a rug!

All squished up!

So sweet!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Going Solo!

Well last night was the first night I took care of Abbey alone, Shane went back to work today and I really wanted him to get a good night's sleep so I tried to take Abbey out of the room when she got fussy. We tried going to bed early and well it would have worked if Abbey did not have to go to the bathroom at 10:30! So then she was hungry again and we fed again, then she got fussy again around midnight, yet another dirty diaper! I guess we can't complain seeing as before we were worried the she was not pooping! Then about 1:30 she decided to go to sleep until 5, YIPPEE!!! She woke up at 5 with another dirty diaper and we fed again and she went to sleep then was up at 7 again to feed and went back to sleep at 7:30 and slept til 10! I was able to get up at 9:30 and take a shower and eat breakfast, do some laundry and make the bed all before she woke up! We are now watching Ellen and chillin on the couch. I think later today we are going to make a trip to the mall and Babies R Us, but we will see how the day goes!

Yesterday I walked a mile and watched some Grey's Anatomy so I hope to get back in the swing of things, soon I will be able to walk outside as it will not be too hot! Well as I said today is the first day of being at home alone so wish me luck!

P.S sorry we have not posted any new pics lately our camera takes discs and our old discs were re-writable and now we have new discs and you can only use them once- guess I need to take a few more photos and get some printed and posted huh?!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Weight Loss Ticker,

So I stole the idea of a weight loss ticker from my friend Laura, it is right below Abbeys age ticker! Now I put in my "healthy" weight so I have quite a ways to go but this will be something to remind me to be motivated! Before we went to the hospital I got a nesting bug and went crazy cleaning the house and asked Shane to clean the garage- this is our workout central! We have an eliptical, treadmill, weight system, tv/dvd/vcr for workout videos (Billy Blanks and I are going to become good friends!), a yoga ball, and a boxing bag that still needs hung. My goal is to get back into a routine and stick with it. Shane is joining me so hopefully we can keep each other motivated! The scale is a tricky thing- yesterday it said I was at my starting weight but today it said I was 10lbs under my starting weight! I weighed in again this afternoon and I was 8 lbs under....

I will check again tomorow morning and update the ticker!

Things are going really well with Abbey she is just perfect, I will try to post pics tomorrow. I am going to try to get a photo for her announcements that I am sending out! Should be fun trying to get a good pose!!! Wish me luck.