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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Call me crazy

But I think I may feed Abbey homemade baby food, I am reading Super Baby Food (I picked this up from Laura's blog so thanks Laura any input you may have would be greatly appreciated). Its really not that difficult to do, you cook or steam the food the puree it and freeze it- how hard is that! ? Some foods you don't even have to cook- more on that later I am sure. I am still 5 months out from being able to feed her "real food"!!! My thoughts are this- processed foods are bad for us as adults so I am assuming that it would be the same for babies?! I know I know loads of people use jarred food (I am not opposed to using some of that as well don't get me wrong) but if I can take a few extra steps and make the food she eats and know what is going into her system and possibly make her healthier and develop better eating habits why not give it a whirl? Shane and I have a wide array of food we enjoy and I can only hope to pass that along to Abbey- I sure hope she likes hot stuff when she gets older because her mommy and daddy sure do! Any tips or advice on making the food is welcome! Thanks :)

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LauraB said...

Hey Brook!
I just emailed you about Super Baby Food but I see you already have it. Rock on!

I've only done avocados so far but SO easy. It's part of my 'natural mama' kick- we'll see how long that lasts!

And a money saver two- Gerber jarred foods are way expensive compare to buying two sweet potatos!