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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Going Solo!

Well last night was the first night I took care of Abbey alone, Shane went back to work today and I really wanted him to get a good night's sleep so I tried to take Abbey out of the room when she got fussy. We tried going to bed early and well it would have worked if Abbey did not have to go to the bathroom at 10:30! So then she was hungry again and we fed again, then she got fussy again around midnight, yet another dirty diaper! I guess we can't complain seeing as before we were worried the she was not pooping! Then about 1:30 she decided to go to sleep until 5, YIPPEE!!! She woke up at 5 with another dirty diaper and we fed again and she went to sleep then was up at 7 again to feed and went back to sleep at 7:30 and slept til 10! I was able to get up at 9:30 and take a shower and eat breakfast, do some laundry and make the bed all before she woke up! We are now watching Ellen and chillin on the couch. I think later today we are going to make a trip to the mall and Babies R Us, but we will see how the day goes!

Yesterday I walked a mile and watched some Grey's Anatomy so I hope to get back in the swing of things, soon I will be able to walk outside as it will not be too hot! Well as I said today is the first day of being at home alone so wish me luck!

P.S sorry we have not posted any new pics lately our camera takes discs and our old discs were re-writable and now we have new discs and you can only use them once- guess I need to take a few more photos and get some printed and posted huh?!

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