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Friday, October 5, 2007

Bath Time and Doggy Surgery

Here are some pics from the first actual bath, she was not happy. I don't think we had the water warm enough, we did the elbow test and it did not feel warm or cold but I think she thought it was cold because when I poured warmer water from the faucet on her she seemed to like it. We do not have one of those little water temp testers, any suggestions on how to get the temp right?! Maybe I should just go buy one! Zeke had laser surgery yesterday to remove a growth he had on his back side, it looked like a mole but the vet of course wanted to remove it, so we said ok and we are waiting the results of the biopsy so keep him in your thoughts, poor doggy. He has to wear the E-Collar for 19 days, he will be miserable.
Poor cone headed dog

Bath time

Not happy at all!

Still not happy...

Getting bundled up

Safe in Daddy's arms

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