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Sunday, October 21, 2007


Today we had the October birthday celebration with the Zimmerman's- TJ, Timmy, Nick, and Vern. It was lots of fun! Abbey got to wear some of her 0-3 month clothes that actually fit! She was in newborn and can still wear most of her newborn clothes but some of the 0-3 month stuff is fitting.

I made a HUGE mistake today, I left the house without putting Zeke's e-collar on...I was just not thinking and totally forgot! Normally Shane takes care of Zeke before we leave but Shane left the house before I did and I was not a good mom to Zeke because I forgot to put the collar on. He ripped a hole in his back by his stitches so tomorrow he has to go to the vet and get re-stitched, that should be pretty cheap....yah right! So Shane tried to wrap an ace bandage around his back side but it was around his "man parts" so he was walking funny and it kept falling off-SO Shane came up with putting boxers on him. He then cut a hole in the boxers for his tail and we had to clip the top of them with a twixit clip so they would stay up. We went out for about 4 hours and came back and he still had his boxers on so it must have worked. I hope that it is not infected or anything to terrible tomorrow. Stay tuned for how it turns out.
This is my cousin Timmy

Daddy is funny

I like to stick my tongue out

Zeke ripped his stitches out- see blog for more details

Zeke and Shane share clothes....even underwear
This is my cousin Rachel

Hanging out with my Grandpa Vern

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