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Monday, October 22, 2007

Proud Wife

Just wanted to let everyone know how proud I am of my husband- that and how lucky I am to be married to him. Yesterday at church the preacher called all men forward to pray to be better men- in life, in marriage, in their jobs, in fatherhood, in faith, in everything basically and Shane was one of the first men on his feet walking down the aisle to pray with well over 100 men. It made me proud to see how willing and ready Shane was to pray about these things in front of a room full of people. I thank God everyday that I met Shane (and his family) and now for Abbey. I am also very thankful that Shane and I share our faith and put that first, I know marriages can be very difficult when that is not shared. I can only hope that we contiune to be blessed with happiness and love. Well we are actually in control of our own happiness so I hope that we continue to find happiness everyday of our lives, which now with Abbey that is very easy! Anyways I just wanted brag a little about my husband and let him and everyone know just how proud and honored I am to be his wife....of all the people in the world he chose me to be his wife and he treats me like a queen (Abbey too) I could not be happier. Thanks Shane for all you do, you are truly amazing.

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