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Monday, November 26, 2007

Transition Time

So last night was the first night Abbey slept in her crib all night! She did so well, she only woke up one time at 2:30 to eat and she went right back to sleep! Such a big girl now! Her schedule was a little off this weekend with the holiday and going to visit family and staying all night in a strange place and her eating schedlue was off an hour last night so we had to feed her the last bottle at 8 instead of around 9 so it is totally understandable that she was up at 2:30- things were just not normal! We are using the video monitor we got as a baby shower gift from my Mom and Grandma Rose- it is awesome, however I could just stay up and watch her sleep in her crib she looks so darn cute! Especially when she stirs a little and then goes back to sleep, or when she is awake and just laying there looking around. Just precious! She seems to do well with going down drowsy and soothing her self to sleep, she does not cry nearly as much as she used to when we would lay her down for the night. It was also nice because Shane and I got our reading/watching TV time back when we go to bed- not to mention talking and other things will be easier! :)

I am wondering if Abbey is not getting ready to start teething, she is getting fussy and wants to chew on her hands or Daddy's finger an awful lot, and yesterday the whole front of her shirt was drenched with drool (not spit up for once) and lots of people have said that it could be early signs of teething- so just when she starts sleeping through the night she is going to start teething! Fun times right?! So give me your advice on getting through teething! Keep posted for pics from this weekend!

1 comment:

LauraB said...

I think Tessa has been 'teething' for like 4 months now but still no teeth! She loves to chomp and drool and has had occasional trouble sleeping. I keep looking for the teeth but nop!

So I guess it's hard to say :-)