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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Was it a fluke?

So Shane and I have a very busy weekend ahead of us- Saturday I am going out with my "in-laws" (Ladies only) to see a play and to Agio on Mass Avenue then on Sunday Shane and I have Colts tickets- they are on the 5 yard line 11 rows up- courtesy of my awesome co-worker Jason! With that being said I do not have enough milk stored up to give to Abbey while I will be gone this weekend so I wanted to introduce some formula to her early to see how she reacted- well of course the little piglet ate most of the bottle last night and seemed just fine all night and this morning and had no problem breastfeeding this morning. However she slept from 9:30-5:30!!! I got 7 straight hours of uninterrupted sleep last night, it was pretty nice! Of course the one night that we could get great sleep Shane slept terribly, I on the other hand was out cold as was Abbey. I don't know if it was the formula that stuck with her a little while longer or if she is just stretching out her schedule- whatever it was I LOVED it!!! I am looking forward to this weekend! Oh and my Dad and Ginger are going to be staying all night Saturday because they will be going to the Mellencamp show!

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