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Friday, December 28, 2007

4 month Stats

Hello Faithful Blog readers!

We got to go to the doctor on this dreary rainy morning for Abs (picked this nickname up from my niece Megan who called Abbey that one time! I thought it was cute!!) 4 month check up!

She is 24 1/2 inches long and in the 50th percentile for height, and 12 lbs and 1/2 oz which puts her in the 25th percentile for weight, her head was in the 50th percentile too but I can't remember how big it was! She got great remarks from the doctor. He said her head control was great and asked if she was reaching for things and being vocal- all of which she is doing! She has not rolled over yet but is very close- she kind of rolls over if she is on the bed. She scoots like a madwoman in her crib, especially if her pacifier has fallen out and she is trying to get it back in her mouth! Its pretty cute to watch on the monitor.

She also got 3 shots in the legs, and one oral vaccine. She did SO well, she cried for about 30 seconds then I picked her up and got her dressed and by the time we were paying she was smiling! She is sleeping right now, I think I may let her sleep a little longer than normal since she had a rough morning! I am currently working on my Christmas cards and letter, yes you will be getting a letter and a card a little late this year! Oops!! Better late than never right?

Well if I don't post again before the New Year everyone have a safe and fun time when you are celebrating. We have reservations at Ruth's Chris NYE (also known as Shane's birthday) then back to our house for a wild crazy night with the Zimmerman/Woods/Gebhart clan! Adios

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