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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Big news from the Zimmerman household! Abigail will be baptized on February 3rd at 1:00 at St. Jude. Thank goodness we got her in before Lent because Father Steve does not do baptisms during Lent and well Abbey already had her gown made! It was handmade I might add by her great Aunt Julie, it is very long and has lots of lace on it and has a cute matching bonnet! I can't wait to put her in it- I am just hoping that she does not spit up on it- but I will not hold my breath!

Abbey has been very amusing the last few days, she is learning how to make "raspberries" or blowing spit bubbles. While this is cute for about 5 or 10 minutes after about 30 minutes the whole front of her shirt gets soaked from her over flow of spit! She sure thinks it is funny though. She will be 5 months on January 28th! She is one month away from starting solids! How exciting. I still have not decided if I will make my own or buy it- probably end up buying it because I am lazy! But we shall see, Shane did get me a steamer and I did get a nice food processor for Christmas- I have used both already but they would come in handy for baby food making!

I will try my hardest to get a video of the new talent Abbey has and try to get some pics this weekend too.

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