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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Knock Knock

Most of you know that I pump at work, luckily I have a door I can shut and NORMALLY no one bothers me! I have only 4 (3 right now) co-workers and they know when my door is shut I am pumping. Well today I hear a slight knock, I do not answer because I thought that it had to be on the outside door seeing as all of my co-workers know not to bother me when my door is shut. Well I was wrong the door opens and it is the maintenance man!!! He opens my door and looks up at the ceiling and says that the is just checking the lights! He did not even know I was pumping! I had to say to him "I am busy" then he said "oh I am just checking the lights" so I then say "I am busy SHUT MY DOOR NOW"!! I am sure that he thinks I am very mad, but luckily I had my shirt pulled down and he could not tell what I was doing at all. Poor guy now thinks I am mad at him!! Too funny, I hope I made you laugh for the day!

1 comment:

LauraB said...

hee hee funny story :) You should make a little sign for your door that says 'lactating do not disturb' or something.