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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Take my new survey!

I put a survey up of what Abbey's first food should be- let me know what you think!! Thanks


LauraB said...

I'm partial because this was Tessa's first food and still her favorite...SO nutritious, perhaps the world's most perfect food :) And I think the babies like the creamy texture.

That's my vote..but the survey wouldn't let me vote :(

Julie said...


If you're interested in making your own baby feed keep in mind that you could make big batches & freeze some to be used later. Freeze it in ice cube trays. After they're frozen pop them out & store them in a labeled freezer bag. You could make your batches on the weekends so during the week you just thaw out what you need.

Allie-Mae's Mommy said...

Try Sweet potatoes. It was one of the first things I fed Alex and she still likes it. Or you could try applesauce or make creamy mashed potatoes. The only thing Alex didnt like was carrots. But we tried it again and now she likes carrots. I hope Abbey likes what ever you decide to feed her. Wait till she gets older and starts eating spaghetti-what a mess!
Just make sure you follow dr's orders and feed the same thing to her for a few days in a row in case there is an allergy. I was so nervous about that but have been very lucky and no allergies (yet).
Have Fun!!