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Friday, February 29, 2008

Pictures Galore!

Well today was Abbey's 6 month check up and shots! She did very well, the nurse got a blood vessel this time and said her leg would probably bruise since it bled a little more than normal but as soon as I picked her up she knew she was safe again and stopped crying! She is 25 1/2 inches long in the 50th percentile, and 14 lbs 9 ounces in the 25th percentile. The doc wants me to start her on fruits first- I was hoping for veggies but I am sure she will be a good girl and eventually eat her veggies! He suggested skipping cereal altogether and doing fruits first because of this recent bout of constipation we have endured! Fruits are easier on the system- I plan to make some baby food this weekend but I did buy some bananas and peaches to start with since this week was busy and I did not know what the doc was going to suggest that we start on I held off on making anything so hopefully this weekend I can crank some out! Well bananas will be easy- they do not need to be cooked just mashed and mixed with a little formula- as well as avocados! Here is a parade of pictures from the last few weeks- enjoy!
She loves her bee
I make her wear this bow a lot!
Lightening Fast Arms
Our other baby
Hanging with Dad on a lazy Sunday
Big Eyes!
I think she was trying to wink at me!
Sitting all on her own!
Asleep with her thumb in her mouth!

Sweet little face
Getting ready to get a big kiss

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