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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Toes Toes Toes!!

She loves her toes!
They must be yummy
I love baby toes!


Jeremy said...

So the poll is closed on her first food, but my vote would have been Alvacado. It is so easy, just cut it open, mash with a spoon and serve! Tessa loves it!

As for Polenta preparation. Don't use plain water, use something with flavor like chicken stock. Check the polenta/corn meal bag for the ratio I think it is 1C polenta to 3C stock. Boil, add, stir, sit 5min. If you are using it for polenta pizza you will want to pour it into a frying pan right away while it is still soupie. After a few minutes it will start thickening. In fact a great way to eat it is to pour it into a long slender container and put it in the fridge. You can than cut pieces off like a loaf. Then put the slices on a griddle for breakfast with eggs...or as a side dish for dinner....

LauraB said...

**Jeremy isn't aware that when the babies are new to eating you actually need to puree the avocado but I'm sure you know that :) **

Cute toe pics! Tessa likes to pull off her shoes and socks and eat them then suck on her toes. Good times :)