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Sunday, April 6, 2008

And the award for best husband goes to...

Shaney!!! He surprised me with a spa day on Saturday! I got my haircut (which included a nice scalp massage and a mini hand massage with hot towels!!) then I got an hour long hot stone massage, followed by a pedicure and manicure- with my favorite wine to sip on! He sure is a keeper!!!

As for Abbey she is getting more and more vocal each day she laughs a lot and loves the animals! She got a hold of Otis's tail last week, luckily Otis thought it was Zeke and didn't do anything. She has moved on to stage two foods and is eating about one whole container for lunch of fruits and one whole container of veggies and a half fruit for dinner. Such a little piggy! She hung out outside for a bit today with Daddy because I was not feeling very well- I slept A LOT today so hopefully I will kick this by tomorrow!

I felt her gums and they felt a little bumpy so we may see some teeth soon who knows! She likes to stick her tongue out and rubher hands over it- she is starting to make funny sounds when she does it. I caught her clapping her hands with both palms open today. We are signing things to her so hopefully soon she starts picking up on them we do these- I love you, milk/bottle, all done, mom and dad- we will add please, thank you, dog and cat soon! She gets excited when we sign I love you its pretty cute!

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