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Thursday, April 17, 2008

No Way!

Well Abbey has a tooth!!! She has been perfectly normal for the last few weeks and I had NO clue that she had a tooth until today! She always (in the past) has not let me look at her gums because when I pull her lip down she sticks out her little fat tongue, well tonight after we got home from Connie's I was putting a new shirt on her and getting ready to lay her down for her late afternoon nap and I thought I would try looking in her mouth to see if anything was going on...sure enough I saw a little white spot..I thought that it was just a spit bubble for sure since she had not been fussy or anything lately. Well I look again and sure enough there it is right on her little gum A TOOTH!!!. I had to go in for a I wiped my hands down and put my finger in and sure enough it has broken through! It sure is a sharp little thing! So a little shy of 8 months and we have our first tooth!! I sure hope the rest of the teething process goes this smoothly...Yeah Right!!! I could not be so lucky right!!??

1 comment:

LauraB said...

Same thing happened here with Tessa's first tooth. I didn't know it was there until she bit me with it! It just appeared one day with no horrible teething symptoms. We must be lucky!