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Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm a big girl now!

So this weekend was the first time Abbey actually pulled herself to her feet in her crib. This week she has also been able to get from laying down to a sitting position in her crib. She is growing so fast makes me want to stay at home and have more!! She seems to be changing and learning new things everyday! She has been very "mommy clingy" lately, last night Shane took her from me like he always does to feed her at night and she wailed and reached for me- only for about 10 seconds then she was ok but it made my heart melt, she sure does love me! She also gets really mad when I leave her line of sight, even if it is to the other room but when I come back in she is fine! I think that we are trying to phase out her last little cat nap of the day, she used to come home and sleep from 5ish to 6 or 6 30 get up have a bottle and dinner and then go take a cat nap anywhere from 7 45 to 9 and wake up at 9 for the last bottle of the day. Last night we tried something new- I woke her up at 6 30 and gave her dinner and no bottle and then at about 8 30 we gave her a bath and her last bottle and put her to sleep, she was a little cranky but she also only slept from 6-630- she was too busy playing with her pigs to take her full nap so I think that was a big reason for the crankiness- and teething. Anyways we are going to try to start stretching her in between eating times from 3 hours to 4-5 hours. We will see how that goes! She has also started eating some finger foods, she has had real banana- she was only interested in making is squish in her hands not really getting it to her mouth, then she has had Gerber baby puffs and she actually got about 3 of those in her mouth by herself last night! Sure does make me nervous but it must be done! Well enjoy the pictures, I am sure more will come this weekend. I SO need a long weekend, just what the doctor ordered for sure.

Exploring this new talent she discovered...
I see you Mommy
MMMMM hope this is not lead based....
Almost.....there.....just....reach...a ....little....more......
When she won't sleep I just give her a double does of Benedryl, what she has allergies....that's ok right?? I mean its not a triple dose that is just silly.
Helping open gifts at Grandma Maureen's birthday party....can't wait for hers!
Laid back, got my mind on my money and my money on my mind
Beautiful Blue Eyed Girl BabyI only know how to smile with my eyes closed.
Peek a Boo

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