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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

This is what Shane and Abbey got me for my first "official" Mother's Day! Its Abs birthstone, and I love it! Shane also got me a pedicure, which I went to get last night. My pigs are squealing in delight! We had a really good time and got to see my Mom and Ginger, Grandma Stewart and Grandma Gootee. Then we came back home to the Zimmerman festivities and finally back home. Abbey has been exhausted! This morning Shane was playing golf and I got her ready to go to Connie's and she was very clingy and wanted me to hold her- which I wanted to do too- she was really fussy at the 6 am feeding- well not fussy but again wanted me to hold her close and not leave her in her room...I had to take a shower so she had to be left- however my Dad and Ginger gave us the rainforest mobile and she loves it so all was well in a few minutes. She also has a runny nose- all of these symptoms were present when she cut her first tooth a few weeks maybe we are getting more who knows! We had a great Mother's Day and weekend.

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