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Thursday, May 8, 2008

My little girl is getting so big

Well its a good thing that Shane moved the mattress down in Abbey's crib this week, she has learned a new trick...she can pull her self up if she is sitting down. She leans over and grabs a hold of the bars and works her way up so that she is on her knees- she did not make it to her feet by her self yet. After she did this she fell over backwards and bonked her head on the changing table but did not cry, she was a little startled but I think she was just confused! I am not sure if she can get to a sitting position from laying down but we are probably going to find out tonight! We could be in for some interrupted sleep in the next few days!

She knows she is doing something new
And she is pretty darn happy about it! p.s if you click on this picture you can see her little teeth better!

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