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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Whaddya Think?

Two questions faithful blog readers-

One when do you think Abbey will start walking? Take the poll up above this post! I think it will be in about 4 weeks, she is pulling herself up with no problem and starting to cruise and has stood unsupported for a few seconds. We have had to install one baby gate to the kitchen and will have to get another one to put up in the doorway to the family room. Right now we push her pack and play (that is now set up in the living room permanently) in the door way so she can't get in the family room and she can peruse the living room, hallway, and entry way. She has not discovered the step in the entry way yet, but there is one at the Connie's and I think she goes over it. She was hanging on the baby gate and pounding away at it last night...and trying to get her head under it because it will not go all the way to the floor. It was something new that she HAD to explore! She is quite the handful now that she is mobile!

Second question- What should Abbey get for her first birthday?! Multiple suggestions please we have a lot of grandparents who want to know! :) Not to mention Mom and Dad! What was or is your child's favorite toy at this age?


LauraB said...

Well Tessa loves her play kitchen, and I thought it would be 'too old' for her when we first got it. Wrong!

She's still into simple toys like balls and anything she can stack or collect things into (like buckets full of blocks).

She has a bunch of toys that sing songs and do things like that but she could care less...she'd rather stack blocks any day.

Hope that helps...can't believe Abbey will be 1 soon!

Looking forward to Saturday! :)

Julie said...

I remember one of your favorite toys as a child, Brook -- cans! You used to love to open Grandma Rose's drawer full of canned goods & stack them up: corn, green beans, soup & tomato sauces. They made a bunch of noise when they fell over but you were addicted.

As far as presents for Abbey, what about setting up a savings account or educational fund then encourage people to donate $$ towards her future? It could be used not just for birthdays but Christmas and other holidays. Of course toys are great & you'll still get plenty but there's only so much room in your house for "stuff".

kaykay said...

You know that I think a book is the best gift, and a bookbag to put those books in make it a really special treat. Thanks for sending me the address. I loved the pictures. Remind me to tell you the day Chase's dog read a magazine.