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Saturday, July 12, 2008


Wow we have all be LAZY today, I took a three hour nap while Abbey did this morning, then scrapbooked when Abbey took her second long nap of the day, Shane has played Tiger Woods golf and relaxed too. We did get some laundry done and we had a great dinner- Chicken Stir Fry, Hot and Sour Soup, and Warm Red Cabbage with Rice Vinegar and Honey and Toasted Seasme Seeds- not carry out I made it all!! Abbey had some of the cooked chicken that I used for the stir fry and she did not gag and make her self puke on it! We are having some problems with finger food right now, she will get them in her mouth but then gag and everything that she has eaten before comes up Exorcist style. Not pretty for such a little lady. BUT she did like the cooked chicken so that is a start! Enjoy the pictures!

mmmm chicken
She laughs when Shane says he is going to punch her- must have learned that from me...
Playing with her Spanish marracas, we hope she will be bilingual.
Look my curly hair is back! Too bad Abs looks very sad about it! I don't have that many pictures of Abbey and I- I am normally the one taking the pics!
Smooches for Abbey
Smooches for Mommy

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LauraB said...

Wow good for you for making Chinese!...I would have totally wimped out and ordered it. Sounds yummy!