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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dinosaur Face

Well here is the news on the homefront- I got a referral for a massage therapist by my family doc- she was going to put me on muscle relaxers but decided to try massage thearapy. I have been stressed out lately and I carry all of that stress in my neck and back which then has lead to constant headaches, backaches, spouts of dizziness and other various ailments! All is good there are just a few things bothering me, which I am in the process of sorting out- nothing major just a few things need to change and all will be fantastic as usual! I am also taking some antibiotics because my family doc thinks I could have a sinus infection that could be causing headaches and spouts of dizziness but that I am not getting all of the "regular" symptoms because I am on sinus meds. Allergy shots are going well, I am actually going twice a week so that I can build up my immunity to the things I am allergic to....basically everything!! Abbey on the other hand has to have breathing treatments this week because she has been coughing and we had a doctor appt on Monday and we gave her one at the office and then they delivered a machine to our house and we have to give her three treatments today and then two Thursday and Friday and have a follow up on Friday afternoon. Her cough seems to be breaking up and she is super duper happy. It is so hard to tell if she is sick because she is always so happy! Life has been hectic here but all is good. Here are a few pics of Abbey and the machine....

She pretty much hates it
My little dinosaur face!

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