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Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Birthday Bash

This weekend was Abbey's 1st birthday bash! We had a great time with friends and family and a huge thank you to everyone who came to both parties! Thank you for all the great gifts, we love them all!! We did have a big announcement at the party on Saturday...Abbey is going to be a big sister on March 27th 2009! We are really excited, so now Abbey will share this blog with baby #2! I did do the same chinese gender test and it says that this one will be a boy....I am 10 weeks along right now so we have about another 10 weeks until we find out the sex! Be sure to stay tuned and I will keep posting updates to the are some pictures.

This is the shirt I made for Abbey
Her cupcake
Giving Dad a taste
Shane shoved it in her face, she was not happy about that
She was not a fan of the cupcake
She loves her new hammer
Her second party- she got her bangs trimmed too :)
Still not a fan of sweets!
This is her loot!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh What a Year

Well tomorrow is the big day, Abbey turns 1! We have been so lucky, she is truly amazing. Our love for her grows every day by leaps and bounds. She has really made parenting easy this first year, here's hoping the rest is smooth sailing too! She is getting so big, she weighs 22 lbs now. She is eating mostly solid foods, she likes mandarin oranges a lot! She does not seem to be a fan of the meat that is in the gerber graduates, unless it is in ravioli form! She got some sugar free carmel cream pudding tonight and really liked it! She is also totally off the bottle, she takes formula in a sippy cup all day now. She will go to milk after we have her one year checkup at the doctor on the 12th. She did really well with the transition from the bottle, we never let her really get attached to it by carrying it or going to bed with it so that may have helped a little. I think we miss it more than she does because she was cuddly when we gave her the bottle at night and in the morning, oh well they must grow up!

Well I know some of you have been wondering about my new job. I work at now, I do have to actually go to work it is not home based! It is still on the northside but right off of 69 so that saves me about 15 minutes of travel time which is really nice. I left the ILF because I needed to be motivated and passionate about what I was doing and I really lost that due to some certian circumstances but that is all water under the bridge now! I really am enjoying my new position, Slept is a website designed for college students who "miss" class to log on and look up the notes that they have missed. Each time a student posts a set of notes they get points and eventually the points can be redeemed for gift cards. This is a brand new company and we are really looking to grow this fall semester, if you know any college students pass the website along to them, it is nationwide and very helpful not to mention they can get free gift cards just for uploading notes that they take! I work with some great people who want to see this venture succeed. Check out the website and look at the blog, I write some of the posts but some are written by our members. Anyways all is good and this was a good choice and something I needed to do to make myself happy! It seems to be working!

No this picture is not upside down, Abbey is!
Looks like she is about to give Shane CPR!
Trying to see what I was doing with the camera! Nosy britches.
Look at those teeth!
Playing with her best friend Zeke

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dear Grandmas and Grandpas (Great included!!)

Hello Grandmas and Grandpas! I miss all of you and just wanted to drop a few lines your way since Mommy has been so super busy with her new job and new schedule that she has not updated my blog in quite a while!

I am sure I have been on your mind a lot lately since my 1st birthday is coming up, it's all I can think about so I am sure you have been thinking about it too. Mommy is sendng out my handmade invites this week so watch your mailboxes!

I am thinking about starting to walk but it takes so much energy that I just normally result to crawling because I am faster at that right now. However I think that if I had some snazzy new shoes in a size 4 I would start walking right away. I do need some furry boots for winter time too.

I also need some fall and winter clothes, Mommy says I have no pants that fit for the chilly weather. I will be attending a few Roncalli football games this fall because my cousin Timmy is the TEAM CAPTIAN so it's important I am there to cheer him on. I will also need some Colts gear as I plan on watching a lot of games from the couch with Daddy. I have gotten pretty big and I weigh 22 lbs now, I think I will wear an 18 month size for fall. My 12 month clothes are still fitting, Mommy has to lay me down so my gut fits in some of my pants but we cinch them up and I can still breathe so it is all good. I can't help it that diaper adds some junk in my trunk. I may try to shed some lbs when I start walking but right now I am enjoying being chubby. I think it is a good look and more people should try it.

I also love toys of course, I think my uncle Frank is going to get me a drum so I can make lots of noise, I mean sweet music, for Mommy and Daddy. I got a blue penguin from Daddy and Mommy's friend Aurora and his name is Pablo, his beak is hard and I like to hold him and give him kisses. I think it may be time for a baby doll. This also may make Mommy and Daddy start working on trying to give me a baby brother or sister if they see how well I do with a babydoll, they need subtle hints you know I mean come on it took three years to get me here!

I have one baby einstein video and one disney video (Fox and the Hound) so I would enjoy some new videos for my viewing pleasure. Oh and I love books, they taste so good.

Well I hope that I have given you some idea of what I could use for my birthday party! Mommy and Daddy said they are getting me 2 really nice gifts...convertible for each of our cars!! I am really excited about those, they will be SO much fun.

I have been preparing myself for my birthday cake by eating some real table food. I have had raviolis, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, peaches and pears- I normally chew them pretty well but still have a little trouble but practice makes perfect. Ohhhhh and the best thing ever.....Daddy let me have a few sips of a Strawberry Milkshake it sure was good I think they should make strawberry flavored formula! Yum-O. I had a french fry and I did not like it, but I do love bread of any kind I especially like it toasted.

Well Mommy is going to vaccuum now and let me practice my walking, what she doesn't know is I don't feel like walking tonight so this is all pretty silly I am just going to crawl around. I may stand up for a few minutes just to make her think I am going to walk but I will just fall on my butt because it is fun- remember I have all that junk in my trunk to pad my fall.

I am sorry there have been no pictures lately we have been busy as bees around here and just not taking enough pictures. I will try to pose for some soon and show you all my new top teeth, I now have 4 teeth!

Miss and Love you all!
xoxo Abigail Jane :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's Picture Time, It's Picture Time

This was our Anniversary dinner, steak, broccoli and smashed red skins
This was dessert...
Stuffed Strawberries! Yum-O
Mommy and Abbey!
Zeke loves to give her kisses and she loves to accept them!
Trying to walk
So this is where Zekes food and water bowl normally rest, you can see that his food bowl is still on the floor but not near the rest of the food container
Oh look it happens to be in the OTHER room, apparently Zeke got hungry and wanted food so he somehow opened up the top part where the bowls twist in and the food is held underneath. Unfortunatley for him he was out of food and had literally like 20 nibblets of food. Serves him right for creating such a mess.

4 Years

Today Shane and I have been married for four years! Four amazing years I might add. I am very thankful for my marriage, not one day has went by that I have doubted Shane's love, wondered if he was being totally honest, worried about the future of our marriage, or worried about drifting apart. We make it a point to communicate in our marriage, whether the communication be good or bad- of course we have lots more good conversations than bad but you have to talk about the bad times to get through them. We have had such a wonderful relationship and now we have started such a beautiful family. I thank God everyday for all that he has given our family. We are so lucky. So what are we going to do tonight? I have some steaks laid out for dinner, and I am going to stop by and get something for a nice dessert and we are going to hang out at home and try to get Abbey to walk so Shane can see it! I do have a gift picked out for Shane (actually it will be both of our gifts) but I can't tell you because we won't be doing it until October-ish. I will let you know how it went once I tell Shane what it is that we are doing! :) Take the time today to think about all of the good things in your life!

I love you Shane and thanks for being the best husband ever!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One Step at a Time

Well last night Abbey took her first steps unsupported! I would put her green plastic ring on the couch and she would pull up and grab it then turn around and come towards me, the last few steps she had to do all on her own!! She was pretty wobbly but she did it for sure! She knew she was doing something big because she would fall into my arms and giggle! Of course she did this like 5 times and then was TOO tired to do it for Shane when he got home, he was more than a little dissapointed. We will work on it again tonight so maybe he will get to see it then. She was so proud of herself! It was way too cute! At this rate she might be walking by her first birthday!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

So Smart

Ok so this is sideways but we could not figure out how to change it so bear with me! Abbey has a new toy that is on the handle of her car seat and it has a button that when you push it plays music...well Abbey knows how to push the button on her own! We found out last night that she could "bounce" when we said bounce! She also blew a kiss to me for the first time this morning. She is talking a lot more, it's baby jibberish but hey at least she is jabbering! Some things are understandable...I am almost certian she is saying Zeke. She LOVES that dog, in the mornings when Shane gives her a bottle Zeke will come in afterwards and she squeals and bounces up and down and gives Zeke a kiss! Zeke is letting her crawl on him now, I was worried that he would not let her do this but he has been great! They will be best friends I am sure! Enjoy the video!