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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dear Grandmas and Grandpas (Great included!!)

Hello Grandmas and Grandpas! I miss all of you and just wanted to drop a few lines your way since Mommy has been so super busy with her new job and new schedule that she has not updated my blog in quite a while!

I am sure I have been on your mind a lot lately since my 1st birthday is coming up, it's all I can think about so I am sure you have been thinking about it too. Mommy is sendng out my handmade invites this week so watch your mailboxes!

I am thinking about starting to walk but it takes so much energy that I just normally result to crawling because I am faster at that right now. However I think that if I had some snazzy new shoes in a size 4 I would start walking right away. I do need some furry boots for winter time too.

I also need some fall and winter clothes, Mommy says I have no pants that fit for the chilly weather. I will be attending a few Roncalli football games this fall because my cousin Timmy is the TEAM CAPTIAN so it's important I am there to cheer him on. I will also need some Colts gear as I plan on watching a lot of games from the couch with Daddy. I have gotten pretty big and I weigh 22 lbs now, I think I will wear an 18 month size for fall. My 12 month clothes are still fitting, Mommy has to lay me down so my gut fits in some of my pants but we cinch them up and I can still breathe so it is all good. I can't help it that diaper adds some junk in my trunk. I may try to shed some lbs when I start walking but right now I am enjoying being chubby. I think it is a good look and more people should try it.

I also love toys of course, I think my uncle Frank is going to get me a drum so I can make lots of noise, I mean sweet music, for Mommy and Daddy. I got a blue penguin from Daddy and Mommy's friend Aurora and his name is Pablo, his beak is hard and I like to hold him and give him kisses. I think it may be time for a baby doll. This also may make Mommy and Daddy start working on trying to give me a baby brother or sister if they see how well I do with a babydoll, they need subtle hints you know I mean come on it took three years to get me here!

I have one baby einstein video and one disney video (Fox and the Hound) so I would enjoy some new videos for my viewing pleasure. Oh and I love books, they taste so good.

Well I hope that I have given you some idea of what I could use for my birthday party! Mommy and Daddy said they are getting me 2 really nice gifts...convertible for each of our cars!! I am really excited about those, they will be SO much fun.

I have been preparing myself for my birthday cake by eating some real table food. I have had raviolis, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, peaches and pears- I normally chew them pretty well but still have a little trouble but practice makes perfect. Ohhhhh and the best thing ever.....Daddy let me have a few sips of a Strawberry Milkshake it sure was good I think they should make strawberry flavored formula! Yum-O. I had a french fry and I did not like it, but I do love bread of any kind I especially like it toasted.

Well Mommy is going to vaccuum now and let me practice my walking, what she doesn't know is I don't feel like walking tonight so this is all pretty silly I am just going to crawl around. I may stand up for a few minutes just to make her think I am going to walk but I will just fall on my butt because it is fun- remember I have all that junk in my trunk to pad my fall.

I am sorry there have been no pictures lately we have been busy as bees around here and just not taking enough pictures. I will try to pose for some soon and show you all my new top teeth, I now have 4 teeth!

Miss and Love you all!
xoxo Abigail Jane :)

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