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Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's Picture Time, It's Picture Time

This was our Anniversary dinner, steak, broccoli and smashed red skins
This was dessert...
Stuffed Strawberries! Yum-O
Mommy and Abbey!
Zeke loves to give her kisses and she loves to accept them!
Trying to walk
So this is where Zekes food and water bowl normally rest, you can see that his food bowl is still on the floor but not near the rest of the food container
Oh look it happens to be in the OTHER room, apparently Zeke got hungry and wanted food so he somehow opened up the top part where the bowls twist in and the food is held underneath. Unfortunatley for him he was out of food and had literally like 20 nibblets of food. Serves him right for creating such a mess.

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