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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh What a Year

Well tomorrow is the big day, Abbey turns 1! We have been so lucky, she is truly amazing. Our love for her grows every day by leaps and bounds. She has really made parenting easy this first year, here's hoping the rest is smooth sailing too! She is getting so big, she weighs 22 lbs now. She is eating mostly solid foods, she likes mandarin oranges a lot! She does not seem to be a fan of the meat that is in the gerber graduates, unless it is in ravioli form! She got some sugar free carmel cream pudding tonight and really liked it! She is also totally off the bottle, she takes formula in a sippy cup all day now. She will go to milk after we have her one year checkup at the doctor on the 12th. She did really well with the transition from the bottle, we never let her really get attached to it by carrying it or going to bed with it so that may have helped a little. I think we miss it more than she does because she was cuddly when we gave her the bottle at night and in the morning, oh well they must grow up!

Well I know some of you have been wondering about my new job. I work at now, I do have to actually go to work it is not home based! It is still on the northside but right off of 69 so that saves me about 15 minutes of travel time which is really nice. I left the ILF because I needed to be motivated and passionate about what I was doing and I really lost that due to some certian circumstances but that is all water under the bridge now! I really am enjoying my new position, Slept is a website designed for college students who "miss" class to log on and look up the notes that they have missed. Each time a student posts a set of notes they get points and eventually the points can be redeemed for gift cards. This is a brand new company and we are really looking to grow this fall semester, if you know any college students pass the website along to them, it is nationwide and very helpful not to mention they can get free gift cards just for uploading notes that they take! I work with some great people who want to see this venture succeed. Check out the website and look at the blog, I write some of the posts but some are written by our members. Anyways all is good and this was a good choice and something I needed to do to make myself happy! It seems to be working!

No this picture is not upside down, Abbey is!
Looks like she is about to give Shane CPR!
Trying to see what I was doing with the camera! Nosy britches.
Look at those teeth!
Playing with her best friend Zeke

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