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Friday, August 1, 2008

So Smart

Ok so this is sideways but we could not figure out how to change it so bear with me! Abbey has a new toy that is on the handle of her car seat and it has a button that when you push it plays music...well Abbey knows how to push the button on her own! We found out last night that she could "bounce" when we said bounce! She also blew a kiss to me for the first time this morning. She is talking a lot more, it's baby jibberish but hey at least she is jabbering! Some things are understandable...I am almost certian she is saying Zeke. She LOVES that dog, in the mornings when Shane gives her a bottle Zeke will come in afterwards and she squeals and bounces up and down and gives Zeke a kiss! Zeke is letting her crawl on him now, I was worried that he would not let her do this but he has been great! They will be best friends I am sure! Enjoy the video!

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