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Friday, September 12, 2008

1 Year Check Up

Well Abbey went for her 1 year check up with her Daddy today. She is just under the 50th percentile in weight and height and the doc is very happy with her! I had asked when to phase out the last feeding at 8 and he said as long as she is going to bed and sleeping until we wake up or a reasonable amount of time then I should just leave it alone, so that is what we will do for now. She is 20 lbs and has 5 teeth! She loves avocados, pudding, mashed potatoes, mandarin oranges, and mac and cheese. She had a few tastes of chili the other night- which was loaded with onions and chili powder and she like it- she only had the noodles and tomato sauce but it was still something she liked! She is not a happy camper right now as I type this, she is in her crib crying I am trying to get her to take a nap because Shane is working late and likes to see her before she goes to bed, but I am thinking that is not going to work but we will see I will give her 10 or 15 minutes then it will be bath time and bed for the night! We are feeling better around here and hopefully stay that way! I go to the OB next week so I will be sure to update. Pictures later this weekend I promise!

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