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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Playdate and a surprise for Mommy!

Tonight Abbey had a playdate with Elizabeth (Amos and Heather Fox's little girl) she had lots of fun! Shane also surprised me with a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer- one of the all time best surprises!!! So far I have made: Grandma Stewarts recipe for brownies, pumpkin bread-3 loaves, white bread, dumplings, pizza crust and chocolate chip cookies- now all of that mixing and my old hand mixer would have been smoking and dead but the stand mixer is asking for more!

Abbey and Daddy playing around on
they were singing about peanut butter and jam....

here she is

it's just beautiful

Abbey and Elizabeth

Abbey needs to learn the art of sharing!

Just playing around

These girls both look like their daddy's

Just having a little conversation, you know about puffs and crunchies and which flavor is the best

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lesson Learned

Well I really learned my lesson today...professional picture taking is NO longer a mommy and Abbey job- it requires Daddy too! First of all K-Mart must have cranked on the heat today because by the time we got Abbey in for the first photo I was literally dripping sweat. I thought that with this pregnancy that maybe just maybe I would skip the "hot flash" period. Wrong. It just got worse, and the girl doing the photos was not telling me where to go or what to do so I did not know if I was in the picture in the background or not. Then Abbey did not want to sit, stand, or be on a stool or steps or anything, she wanted to turn around to look at me or give the photographer a hug- she did that about 5 times- which was cute and all but we were there to do a job!! She wanted to play with the styrofoam one they put in the picture with her so we could not get that shot, then she went through 4 chairs and none of them were good enough for Abbey to sit in- then I wrangled her into her costume and we got about 4 shots before she was just ready to go- now mind you I wore clothes that matched Abbeys in hopes of some good Mommy and me shots but there was no way I was getting my picture taken looking like a sweaty pig- I had the wet hairline thing going and everything and my face was blotchy and beet red from wiping my brow every 2 seconds and of course my nose was running- sure could have used Daddy's magic in there! We had a good day once we got home and Grandma and Grandpa Stewart dropped by for a nice visit and brought Abbey her very own Abbey sized pumpkin which she started carrying around. Pretty cute. I went to the dr on Friday and everything checked out really well I have lost a few lbs since the last time so the doc is still pretty happy and the heartbeat was good but hard to follow because the little guy or girl was doing some acrobats in there! I get to find out what we are having in 4 weeks!! Here are some pics of the little princess...

Pumpkin Head

Why does my Mom do this to me?

Get this off of me!!!!

Just like her mom, always reading.

She loves books!

Shane and I all dolled up for a wedding

Our friend had some interesting shoes on...

She also loves the remotes

This picture reminds me of a picture of myself in the basement of my Grandma Gootees

Sly look

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bebe #2

Sorry I got these out of order- I wish there was a way to mass upload instead of 5 at a time...any fellow blogspot users know how to do this? At any rate...enjoy!

Learning to play golf
Baby Numero 2
Enjoying some brownie sundae with Grandma Ginger
Grandpas Birthday Celebration
She liked the brownie!
Golfing again
This could be dangerous....