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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Playdate and a surprise for Mommy!

Tonight Abbey had a playdate with Elizabeth (Amos and Heather Fox's little girl) she had lots of fun! Shane also surprised me with a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer- one of the all time best surprises!!! So far I have made: Grandma Stewarts recipe for brownies, pumpkin bread-3 loaves, white bread, dumplings, pizza crust and chocolate chip cookies- now all of that mixing and my old hand mixer would have been smoking and dead but the stand mixer is asking for more!

Abbey and Daddy playing around on
they were singing about peanut butter and jam....

here she is

it's just beautiful

Abbey and Elizabeth

Abbey needs to learn the art of sharing!

Just playing around

These girls both look like their daddy's

Just having a little conversation, you know about puffs and crunchies and which flavor is the best

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Allie-Mae's Mommy said...

Aaww... we need to get the girls together for a playdate as well.