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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Like Mother like Daughter

Well after a long holiday weekend we are back at home- and let me tell you Abbey is just like her Mommy- a homebody! She is a totally different girl once we set foot through our door she is just as happy as can be- she was very good with all of our travels but this week was just a little crazy for us- eating and napping schedules were all off and on Friday she got her Chicken Pox/MMR and Flu booster. We also found out at the doctor that she is getting her molars in, well some of them and that could explain her eating hiatus this week. She puked all over her crib on Thanksgiving night- Shane and I felt really bad because when we went to bed (about 3 hours after we laid her down) we noticed that Abbey was sitting up at one end of her crib and was falling asleep but just letting her head hang down and almost falling over but she would push herself up each time she fell over- well after about 10 minutes of laughing and thinking that she would finally realize that she needed to lay down Shane went in and called for me to come in too- I walked through her door and knew what had happened puke smell hit me like a ton of bricks- so at about midnight she was getting a bath and laid in bed with us for about an hour so we could watch her and know she was ok- she would not sleep in our bed because she never has so she thought it was like Saturday mornings when we all just lay in bed and watch cartoons! She turned out to be fine, we assume, and went back to bed. This is just another reason I am a fan of the video monitors- we would have never known that she was sitting up because she was not crying at all- poor thing just wanted to go to sleep but not in her own puke- can't blame her there- one other reason is for napping- Abbey is a funny kid who likes her "alone time" just like her Mommy and sometimes she will be in her crib for 45 min to an hour without napping just quietly playing then she will take her nap so that would normally have been a 2 hour nap that would have been cut in half if I could not have seen her playing- then I will just let her sleep for her whole 2 hours- I don't know what I will do when we have to quit using the video monitor when we have the new baby! I think that if we try to use 2 they will interfere with each others signals- will have to research that!

Abbey also is now on nose spray instead of Claritin so we will see how that works then try Zyrtec if that does not work we have to wait it out until she is old enough for the skin testing for allergies. Abbey is saying lots of stuff- dog, duck, nose, mouth, eyes, hi, hello, milk, tooth, kitty, shoe and sock. She is also blowing lots of kisses and saying "muuuah". She did get to watch the Fox and the Hound on the way to NV and back on Saturday and Sunday. It really is too bad that Abbey did not want to eat this weekend we had such good food everywhere! We are also cutting back her milk intake we were giving her 4 full sippy cups a day of milk when she should only be getting 2-3 so we have now cut it down to 3 and adding some other forms of calcium in to her diet regularly- we also have to watch cheese, banana, and other "constipating" food intake because she is not so "regular" its very hit or miss with her.

I am so glad to have Shane back after a long week of him in Florida- kudos to all of the single parents out there I could not imagine Abbey really is a very good girl but being a one man show sure is hard! Well after a long weekend of traveling we are all at home and resting- not wanting to start another work week! Mondays are not fun!

Pregnancy update- I am going into my 24th week. I am feeling pretty darn good- except for headaches but the doc gave me some meds that are sweeeeeet so that is getting better. I am starting to feel movement- Shane can't feel it yet but I can so I am sure in a few weeks he will get to feel the kicks and jabs. I have thrown two names out for Shane to think about Kate (not Katie- no offense to any Katies I just love the name Kate!!) and Sarah- middle names to be determined- Shane has not given me any names to think about so we will see. I go for my sugar test on December 8th or 10th- so I will have to be there for about 2 hours- hopefully I am still on a good book by that time!

Speaking of good books I am reading the Twilight series- actually I am on book 4! We went to see the movie the weekend it came out and I was pretty impressed typically I do not like movies made from books but this one was different- mainly because I waited to read the books until after I knew who would be playing the main characters so I really think that helped. Either way good book good movie!

Well here are a few pics from the past few weeks, I was very bad and forgot to pull out the camera for Turkey Days- shame on me. Oh well!

I think that this pose looks like me when I was little
Hanging out with her best buddy Zeke

Again just like her Mommy always reading

Finally relaxing at home after lots of traveling

Zeke's first date...not sure what the offspring will look like
Yes that would be my bra...Abbeys new tent

Mommy and Abbey

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Allie-Mae's Mommy said...

I like the name out though.. I know you dont want her to be called Katie, but it might happen. Take Erin and Justins lil guy Jackson, They didnt want him called Jack but people do. But maybe it wont happen. Hate to hear that Lil Abbey threw up in her crib. We dealt with that once but not in the crib. We also tried letting her sleep with us (cause i was too scared she would suffocate on her vomit) and she too thought it was Saturday morning expecting to watch cartoons and play. Im glad to hear everything is going well. We are just starting the first phase of potty training.. wish us luck. TTYL