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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bath time fun and updates!

Well after a few days of Abbey being sick- temp, runny nose, sleeping ALOT even for her, and some coughing we went to the doctor and she has the start of an ear infection so we have her on amoxicillen (SP??) she no longer has a fever! She is now on nasonex for allergies so we are hoping that does better than the claratin if not we have Zyrtec still to try! She is so funny lately- saying all kinds of new stuff everyday. She can say Elmo now and point him out in her books so that would be good Christmas gift ideas for her- Elmo videos or dolls! She also has a book that she will bring to you so she can point out the dogs, cats, shoes, socks, and hats that the characters are wearing! Its pretty darn cute. She was so sick on Monday night that she fell asleep ON Shane- that has not happened since she was a little tiny baby. She also fell asleep on me on Tuesday morning and was very clingy to me which she never is- she is very independant and plays on her own and rarely will just sit still in my lap and hang out- well on Tuesday that is all she wanted to do- so we did! Last night she perked up again after her fever broke- oh she is also battling molars and other teeth her little gums are white and very bumpy so we got some Hyland's teething tabs and she is loving her mesh feeder thing with an ice cube in it.

I go to the doctor today for my long appointment- the glucose test. Good thing I have book 4 of the Twilight series to finish! I was feeling sick the last two days- all head stuff, and achy back/neck so hopefully that passes soon. I know some of you know that I lost my job on December 1st and have been sending out resumes/cover letters like mad this last week and a half and finally have an interview on Monday so say lots of prayers and wish me lots of luck!! Also if anyone knows of anything let me know and I will get my resume and cover letter together for it!

The last part of this post is a video of Abs in the tub while her Daddy makes her laugh hysterically- you have to make sure you have the sound up on your computer to really enjoy the video! Well worth it! This was last night so you can clearly see she is feeling much better! Enjoy! Oh and the pic of our Christmas tree that Shane hates because it is not done up in colored lights- blah I like white lights! I won!!!

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